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Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Nice Violet .... What's a tag sale ? Like a garage sale or bazzare. ?
  2. Sister, yes, exactly!
    Do you like antiques?

  3. Not really , Violet .Never really got into that. But that dress is beautiful , I must say.
  4. I LOVE antiques but if we all had the same taste it would be a little boring, wouldn't it?

  5. Actually - I found a neat trick with Atomic Fireballs...I took a close-up pic of one that I had sucked on with a digital camera, because it looked like a planet to me. I blew it up...cropped it, added some special fx and it looked like a planet!

    I sent it to some friends (one is an astronomer) and they wanted to know how I had gotten such a detailed image. The astronomer thought it was Mars (he he he:D)

    Anyway, back to the tips thing...


    I carry a briefcase around with me all day. I can't do that. At the worst time, my briefcase weighs like 40-lbs, no kidding! I have digital cameras, voice recorders, tripods, and so on. I'm one of those guys that if something happens, I set up right there and start documenting it! (he he he)

    Five items...

    ...my problem is that if I took them to a thrift store, I'd walk away with TEN items, ha ha ha!:D
  6. [​IMG]

    You're too funny!!!
  7. Oh No those famous fire balls ..... I hope I get a Christmas Package with some in.... He He .
  8. I got married just over 2 years ago, i did a lot of the house work at home with mum and dad, especially as my mum was unfit to do a lot of it. But when i got my own house i didn't know where to start, but was i got into a routine that was that. Routine is key i find.
  9. You are right!!!
  10. I'll share this tip, as I just got finished doing it.

    I keep one of those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (actually its the cheapie storebrand kind) in the shower. Every time I shower, before I get out, I just wipe the entire shower walls, doors and floor with the 'eraser'. The shower stays sparkling clean. I had tried those sprays that you spray into the shower when finished, but I found that after time things would still not look as nice. The eraser works really well.

    Also, I give my kids a check-off list of their chores. They each have to keep thier own rooms clean, care for the cats and dogs and take on one household chore such as vacuuming or dusting. Every day they check off their lists as they do their chores. At the end of the week, if their lists are completly checked off, then we do something really fun together like make s'mores or have a pizza and DVD night. This really elimanted all the whiney "Do I HAVE to" whenever chore time came.
  11. Handy - I had my nephew staying with me for a while. I did the chore thing.

    Nah...it was more fun not to do the chores than to play Mad Gab on Saturday, he figured.

    ...now he's back living with Gramma.:eek:
  12. Does anyone else have well water???
  13. Christmas tree needles still stuck in your carpet?

    Here's a tip I saw on TV. This lady wrapped duct tape around her hand...no, no...sticky side out, silly! And then dabbed her carpet with it and the needles came out.

    She said it's fun for the whole family.

    Oh yeah...Mom, I'd rather do this than play with my great new Christmas presents! :D
  14. Whoa! I am SO glad you let me know, sticky side out!!!


  15. It's like: They said on TV duct tape on your hand would take these things out...why *dab* isn't *dab* it *dab* working? *dab!*:D
  16. I am told that can be used to stop mouths from talking also! LOL!
  17. Or you can roll it up and stick it in your ears so you won't have to listen, hee hee hee!

  18. I've never cleaned windows, but here's a tip that is told to be usefull...

    some people tend to leave like lines when they wipe the dirty water of the windows, but when you get hot water and drop an onion in it, it should solve it.

    I don't know if it works, but I heard it on tv (but they lie anyways, lol)

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