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  1. Was curious if any of you have participated or belong to a Home Church? Not talking about bible study, but home you go to for service and is usually no more than 12 people or so. What was your experience and do you recommend this? I know it us how God leads you; just curious about them. Might come a day when Christians will be back doing this in secret with how the world is going.
  2. I know a group who tried it a few months ago, it was kinda cool they where from several different church backgrounds and they had the best of intentions but I don't think it work out for them. I do think some of these start from bible studies and I believe they are very biblical. But some don't find religion to appealing unless they can gain a title of some sort and carnal things seem to mess up the simple things of God.
  3. My wife and I attended one for a while...the Spirit was moving the word was preached, prayer was focused and personal...it was a good experience we grew from.
  4. Only bible study at someone's house, but very similar to church. There was about 20 of us. We prayed together, had dinner, then sang Christian songs and studied the bible. Seemed like all the elements of a church, but just a nice bible study.
  5. I have seen "home churches" grow to a good size; and I have also seen churches that were a "good size" become stagnant and stop growing...maybe because they put numbers before being fruitful.
    Then, there are those MEGA congregations...
  6. I've always been interested in small groups or a home church where the focus is on discussion rather than preaching. I've never cared much for preaching.
  7. I guess you are looking for a group to do Bible study.. I don't think that can replace Church and preaching.. That's for another thread.. Let me not hijack the thread :)
  8. Ravindran, yeah that's pretty much what I'd like. I enjoyed the small groups that I've participated way more than any church service.
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    I have seen "cells" formed from a larger congregation become very fruitful. It just takes individuals to offer their homes for a service and ask the Ministry to appoint elders to lead them; or make the suggestion. Cell/home Churches are also excellent ways
    for evangelism and Church growth.
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  10. Advantages = personal attention, make Christian friends. Disadvantages = No elders present / heresy very likely.

    Solution: Find one run by respected Christians. Stay there until they go mad. We definitely need smaller gatherings. Churches are just too big for much needed fellowship with fellow Christians.
  11. Mat 18:20
    “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”
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    fellowship, edification and teaching/preaching should be what a church supplies .. but yet one on one (prayer in closet) is under-rated ..

    I liked the way the early Christians did it ..
    that being the congregation was allowed to also speak and ask questions during ..

    Paul of course, was not a chauvinist, he gave "his opinion" that women should not speak and ask questions because it was a transitional period, and did not want that progression of equality of spiritual worth to be done away with by those who may resist it .. women were not kept out and in the women's court as before .. so my guess if Paul wrote today, he would not write that same opinion ..
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    If the Apostle Paul was speaking by the Holy Spirit then, what makes you even think that he would not be speaking under the Holy Spirit now!
  14. read the verse ..
    1Co 14:34
    The women are to keep silent in the churches; for they are not permitted to speak, but are to subject themselves, just as the Law also says.

    so if a woman has the gift of teaching, she is not to speak ???
    or Protestants having women Ministers is against God then ???

    God Bless you .. have a good evening ..
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    Beloved you have asked a hard thing, but the scriptures are clear.
    (1) The scripture is saying that the New Testament and the Law agree: "...as also says the Law..."!!
    What "gift of teaching"? Are you asking whether a woman was called into the Ministry? The answer is clearly no.
    Are you asking/stating if a woman is called into the Ministry by today's modernists? Then the answer is Yes!
    Do "Protestants have women Minister? I don't know: I have never been a Protestant.

    If the Lord wanted to call women into the Ministry today, then He would have made an example and chosen one during His
    Ministry on earth.
    Now this:
    "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Does that scripture teach that women should be in the Ministry? Of course not. But it illustrates that when the Lord looks upon the Church, He does not see the diversity, but ONE Church.

    I cor. 14:35 _ "And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in Church." But that is another story...
  16. That's an interesting point ixoye_8. Paul did put his opinion in his in his letters in certain parts of his letters. I think that women not being allowed to speak was supposed to be in the inspired part though if I remember correctly.
  17. God called different women as Prophetess ..
    a prophetess speaks FOR God ..
    so to me, this verse is not meant as an absolute ..
  18. God called different women as Prophetess ..
    a prophetess speaks FOR God ..
    so to me, this verse is not meant as an absolute ..
  19. God did call many women throughout the Bible, and that's why I don't understand the verses in the New Testament that say women can't speak.
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    Let's stick to the New Testament.

    One who is called into the office of a prophet, must have the gift of prophecy: but having the gift of prophecy does not necessarily make one a prophet. Else there would be an abundance of men in the office of "prophet" within the Ministry (Yes, I said men).
    Women also can have the gift of prophecy, for they are given to the Church "...to profit withal...". And because of the gift, a woman can be called a "prophetess", to distinguish them from a male who has the similar gift to prophesy. If the man is not called into the office in the Ministry, he can also be called a "prophet" because of the gift that is operating in him. However, that
    does not qualify him as Prophet in the Ministry!

    Phillip, the Evangelist, had two daughters who prophesied. Were they holding an office in the Ministry, or were they used in the gift? It is in the gift of prophecy, and not in the office of Prophet. I hope you can see that one is a calling (Ministry); the other,
    a gift.

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