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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here. But, I would like to ask you guys a question. We all know that there are THOUSANDS of Bible versions and translations. I prefer the King James Version because I'm used to it.

    But, let me ask you, WHY do you guys read the Bible translations that you read? For example, someone can read the New International Version [NIV], and I could read the KJV. But, why do you read the Bible translations that you do? I remember somebody telling me that the NIV was missing a few verses [Acts 8:37], or the Bible verse had nothing to do to what it previously said [Psalms 12:6-8].

    Now, I'm not trying to say you HAVE to read one Bible translation, but I'm asking why you read the Bible translation you do. It's all for fun and I want to hear opinions.
  2. I'm reading a Romanian version so I can learn Romanian.
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  3. That sounds nice. I hope God helps you along your way.
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  4. I read the kjv for two reasons. Number one... its the bible God gave me. And number two... it has the least errors compared to other versions. If you think I am telling a fib look it up for yourself. The niv has many errors, and even more look into who owns zondervan, and then... look into who publishes satanic bibles. Much of scripture has been ommited due to satanists are actually publishing bibles. And whats ommited has deep spiritual meaning. Dont just take my word, see for yourself, google is just a click away.
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  5. I too started out with the KJV and use it in most of my studies. But someone who wants the real truth of what is being said will, and must go to the Holy Spirit and the originals with several dictionaries. The Holy Spirit will help you weed out what is dogma and what is truth. The entire word of God is for our benefit and everything in it applies to us one way or another. To listen to the dogma of "that doesn't apply to a christian" only invites the same arrogance the Jews had that got them scattered. It's time for the true Church of the Living God to wake up and do their own homework in the presence of the true Teacher, the Holy Spirit. Scripture interprets scripture.

    P.S. you don't need to take formal classes, just get the right tools. TheWord.Net is what I use and while it is free, there is a module everyone MUST have, the morphology tool. Then you don't have to worry about translations, you can do it yourself through prayer and meditation.
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  6. I often use KJV, NASB, and somewhat ESV. I find good commentaries and dictionaries helpful. Sometimes there's nuances to the original text/language that you just can't tell from reading a translation.

    In tools such as e-sword, I like that both KJV and NASB have versions with Strong's numbers. That makes it easy for a someone like me who doesn't know the original language to just click and the word appears in the dictionaries. Plus with the concordance then you can see everywhere that word is used. Abdicate thanks for the tip about the morphology tool for TheWord, I'm going to check it out. TheWord has some features I like that e-sword doesn't have. I wonder if I can import my paid modules from e-sword.
  7. I will drill down to the actual hebrew, aramaic and greek to get the words as they were meant to be.

    All translations have errors, mainly due to the audience they were translated for and because prejudices of church fathers or bible patronage.

    That is why dictionaries and context is crucial.
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  8. Please provide credible news sites that show openly practising satanists are making bibles.
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  9. Agreed. The KJV has it's share of errors, but the errors are well known and documented. That can be a problem with some of the newer translations. There hasn't been enough time to document the errors.

    I don't read just one version. I like Young's Literal Translation (YLT), but it can be difficult to read by itself. It's a literal translation. For example, there is a Mexican restaurant in town called "El Toro Loco". The translation would be "The Crazy Bull", but the literal translation would be "The Bull Crazy". Literal translations can be tough to keep up with.

    www.biblehub.com is a good site. When you search a specific scripture, it shows the various translations of the same scripture down the left-hand side. Comes in handy....
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  10. Google it. I dont know any news sites. I do however know zondervan is owned by harpercollins and they DO print and publish books written by levay. All that I have said can be verified with minimal research.
  11. Without actual credible documentation to back up your statement of your position that satanists are producing bibles we will have to consider this false.
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  12. They may be referring to Thomas Nelson Publishing and their product, "The Voice" Bible that does not include the words, Jesus Christ, nor "Angel". (Article)

    And then there was the news of Wycliffe Bible Translators. They omitted father, son , and son of God, from their new translations so as not to offend Muslims. (Article)

    I would say those omissions constitute Satanic behavior and would qualify those publishers as publishing Satanic bibles. In my view at least. I don't know if this is the publishing that edward is referring to however.
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    Dave lucas, or you could take a few seconds to research it for yourself. Be a big boy/girl and look it up for yourself. You have already been pointed in the right direction.
  14. Again, not an admission of being an actual satanist.

    I know many people that say they are Christian that do satanic things.
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  15. The preponderance of evidence is upon the one that makes the statement.

    If you cannot prove your point, then it is inadmissible and no longer valid.
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  16. In the context of Satan being the adversary, or opposer of God, I would disagree.
    When we don't know yet in what context the member is speaking of Satanic Bible's no one here can make a definitive proclamation. Nor are they qualified to dismiss what has been offered as a probable qualifier for Satanic Bibles.

    Well then, you don't know Christians. Just, as you state, those who say they are christian.
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  17. Will be very frank..

    NIV - that is used in my Church
    NLT - very easy to read and understand. Use it for reading my daily Bible portion
    ESV - For Bible studies. I like the translation. And many people say it is a very good translation..

    In short, convenience and opinion from others.
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  18. Harper/Collins and its division Avon Publications does not discriminate. Yes they publish Lavey's work but also that of 1,000s of others including Christians, Torah Observant Jews, Socialists, post-Modernists, and just plain folk writing kids books, etc.,...they are a publishing company and that is their purpose and job...to publish works which qualify...
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  19. They dont discriminate, are you certian? Then how come much of the scripture is ommited in thier versions? Take for instance romans 8:1. In the king james the scripture ends .. who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit... the niv ommits this. Check it out for yourself. This ommision should not be taken out as it hold spiritual meaning. They also own more than avon publications now.
    why would you want to read a bible published by people who publish satanic books as well as watwred down versions of scripture?

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