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  1. hollywood

    is it run by jewish people?also can anybody give myself of a list of films made by jewish script writers.
  2. I don't know that Hollywood is run by Jewish people.
    I have not heard of this.
    It may be true, or not....
    I really don't know.
  3. Is this about some conspiracy theory? Only thing I know about it, is the whole fiasco with Mel Gibson, and that "Jewish" has almost become a slang curse word in CA.
  4. I was under the impression that the majority of hollywood was just as anti-semetic as they are anti-Christ.
  5. Mel, that's another story. He obviously had alcohol problems and claims the Jewish people were harrassing him about the passion the whole time he was filming it. Apparently they thought the film was going to make people blame the Jewish people for Jesus's cruxifiction but it was indeed me who put Him on that tree.
  6. Did the Jews not say, "let His blood be upon us and our children". But we can save that story for another day. We all are just as guilty as the Roman soldiers who mocked him, not just the Jewish people
  7. That's a good point. Anyone ever think about how many Gentiles were actually present for the Crucifixion? Matthew 27 (KJV) and Mark 15 (KJV) are just a bit vague in this regard. It mentions 'women' and others, but very few discriptives are in the narration.

    The Bible is the story of one main family - The seed line through which Christ would come through, umbilical cord to umbilical cord - as listed in Luke 3:23-38 (KJV) and the Bible only mentions persons casually who interact with members of that seed line.

    Interesting topic to ponder...
  8. I think in the "old days" the Jews pretty much founded and owned Hollywood. Carl Laemmele built Universal; Adolf Zukor and Jesse Lasky, Paramount; Louis B. Mayer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; and Harry Cohn, Columbia. Together with Warner Brothers, William Fox, and Samuel Goldwyn, these Moguls established and controlled the early movie industry.

    I went to a messianic Church for about a year back in the late 80's. One of the things that I learned from them is the tremendous unbelievable pressure that there is in the Jewish culture to perform and to make something out of themselves - they are really a driven people. This is something that only mildly exists in our culture. My kids (27-33) would rather play video games than to pursue a career in say the Navy - as I have suggested to them.

    It takes a lot of pluck to drive your self to their general level of achievement. This is probably partly motivated by the violent oppression that they have experienced over the millennia. Oppressed peoples often turn to education as a way of escape. They also feel racially and/or religiously obligated to help one another succeed.


    The link is meant to show the Jewish influence on the American media and not necessarily Hollywood.
  9. Hey Larry II.... Are you back ? Hey the old gang is all here. Woo Hoo.... party time.

    Quite an impressive list. Thanks for the link. While we are on the subject of peoples succeeding and pushing themselves , I think we have to look at the Chinese as well. I see the Chinese people here who all live in one house maybe two and three families and support each one to go to University and they come out doctors, lawyers etc...... very intelligent people.and very motivated to succeed.
  10. There was a book that came out a few years ago The Bell Curve? I can't remember. This author stated that tests had shown the Asians to be the most intelligent - followed by the caucasions and then the blacks. It created a furor at the time. Chinese see America as the land of opportunity and succeed. The black family in this country have been destroyed by welfare and the mainstream black leadership, who buy their votes by keeping them in a mentality of victimhood. This is why Bill Cosby is badmouthed because of his refutation of this mentality and there are many more like Bill.

    No, I never left - just backing out. I've said 100 times - people build fellowship within their common doctrines. So if anyone wants fellowship - they must write within the site norm.

    For example: I wrote on a new site this weekend that I thought Jesus was crucified on a literal tree and that all three were crucified on the same tree. I was advised that I was talking contrary to the Bible and my post was deleted. First or second post I think. So much for discussions of literally established Bible themes.

    Larry II
  11. I truly believe that any Christian can express their views here as long as it is presented in a respectful way.
    By the way Jasher some believe Jesus was crucifed on an impalement stake or pole. What I know for sure is that He was crucifed for me.
  12. YES!:dance:

    This reminds me of a documentary I saw a while back called "This Film Is Not Rated".

    It explained how Hollywood was run, actually, by the Motion Picture Association. They get to decide what we see in theaters, and they have absolutely no guidelines.

  13. just wondering about the films they produce and if there anti God,i watched a jewish man from usa on uk tv.and his cleaner was called a really weird name,when he said her name all thought he was lying,i was just wondering if there was any motive to this.say in films telling the truth but affecting people,s perseptions of God.hence they tell the truth but evil rewards them for dissing God.just wondering if Gods lost sheep are still lost.:bible:.
  14. Smelly, interesting thoughts...

    ...I don't think evil rewards, myself. It can trick and lure and give pleasurable feelings; but those are false, bait for the horrors that they really want you to feel.:(
  15. Amen WhirlWind. Did you get my PM?
  16. i do think evil rewards,or otherwise people wouldn,t be lured.carrot dangler.perfect book gingerbred man.
  17. I see what you're saying, Smelly...good points! :D

    God bless.

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