Holiday Humor

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  1. Holiday Humor

    A colleague of mine and his wife went on a business trip to Moscow, Russia last December. They were staying at a nice hotel just off of Red Square and noticed that there was only one Government run television channel available. However, the weather forecaster, Rudolph Kochenko, was very accurate in his forecasting. The man and his wife wanted to go out on a walking tour around the Square, but it looked like a storm was rolling in. They turned on the TV and watched the weather forecast. The weather forecaster, Rudolph, said that it would stop raining at 10:00 AM... and sure enough - it did. The man turned to his wife and said, "Rudolph, the Red, knows rain, dear."

  2. Oh... Oh... I sooooo want to cause you unpleasentries right now for making me have to read that horrid hirrid pun!

    I feel sick about myself for laughing at it. :p

    That was awesome.
  3. audible groan.:D

  4. Oh No ......LOL...:D:D:D:p
  5. Another groan! And tears... From laughing...:D:D:D
  6. I think it's cute. :)
  7. Very cute, tee hee.
  8. LOL :funnypost:

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