Hold on to your nickers ladies and gents, here comes my profile!

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by adoptivemommy, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Hold on to your nickers ladies and gents, here comes my profile!

    Just kidding... But a good way to see a little of who I am.

    My profile... Hm... Well, my name is Laura, I'm married, 2 beautiful baby girls.

    5'6", brownish-red hair, I like candelite dinners and walks on the beach... Oops... Wrong profile!:D:D Oh, c'mon! I'm kidding!

    Ok, seriously! I think it's almost redundant to say I love God, because I don't just love Him, I can't exist without Him! I'm not saying this in a gushing sort of way but as a fact in my life and even when I don't feel like this is true or know that is true, I KNOW it is true! I'm outgoing and easy to talk to, I love a good conversation and a good debate and I love to make people laugh. I am painfully the "what you see it's what you get" type but I believe that it is better for people to know what they are getting from the beginning then to like me for the wrong reasons and be disappointed later. I despise religious and pharisee-like attitudes because it makes people get the wrong impression of Jesus and it burdens them greatly. My desire is to keep pressing on and allowing God to change me for the better day by day. I recently found out that I want to be a great mom, a desire that has been added to wanting to be a great wife! I would love to have my own cooking show and own my own restaurant some day, because I love to cook and from what my husband and friends tell me, I'm pretty good at it. (My husband calls me "my little gourmet chef":D). Ok, that's about it! More detailed information available by request!:D:D


    P.S. I'll be 39 in 2 days!! I am telling you all my age as part of a new desire of mine to not be afraid of how old I am! It's not how old you are but how old you act, look and feel, right? Ladies?...
  2. I guess it's ok to respond to the profiles(?)

    It really is how old you feel and act so I will put my age down as 21!;)

    Laura, we are the same height but I bet NOT the same weight!!:D

    I hope someday you do have your own restaurant!
    What would you call it?
    What foods would you serve?
  3. To Violet!

    Leave it to you Violet to pay attention to everyone's posts and always respond to them and make them feel good!

    If you want to know my weight, I'll send it to you in a PM!:D

    If I were to measure my years in how I act I'd say about 3!:D:D

    I think I would call my restaurant "The Gourmet Cafe" and my cooking show "Shut up and cook!", provided the producers and station owners would not have anything against that title.:D I love to cook all kinds of food, from dishes I learned from my family in Romania growing up to authentic Romanian dishes, to gourmet stuff, to regular day to day food. I think my menu would be sort of eclectic and I would probably change some things around from time to time so people don't get bored. What about you Violet? Is there anything you'd like to do on the same lines? You know, a business of your own?

  4. Oh my!
    I have always wanted a family owned business.
    In my dreams it is a combination coffee shop, ice cream parlor and old time general store.
    A place where good people can come, sit around and read, play checkers, chat......I want it to be like something I have never seen before.

    I'll just guess your weight at 103!:)

    Well, I hope your dreams come true.
    You can't waste that gift of yours!
    Although I am sure your husband enjoys it!
  5. This is another reason why I like you! You have a really, REALLY good sense of humor!:D:D The last time I was 103 I think I was wearing my elementary school uniform!:D:D

  6. 39 you say..... That's peanuts.... Wait till you get to my age 67 and then you will have something to talk about Hee Hee:dance:

    Anyways God is good all the time and I am so happy to say that He is my source and He has kept me in good health and I am trusting Him daily for my strength. Keep on keeping on and He will direct your paths. Blessings,

  7. Dusty you have made me feel better. I am coming up to my 61st next month so hearing that you are 'even older' is an encouragement.:)
  8. Gosh ur just a baby at 39, I'm really really old at 45:D
    And my weight has been creeping up of late too!
    Trying to eat healthily and sensibly as I know diets dont work long term.
  9. Dear adoptive mommy,

    May God be with you!

    39 is a great age! Be proud! I was pregnant with my first at 39 and while I didn't have the big blow out I wanted for my 40th, I got such a great gift from God that it didn't matter! Maria was the best 40th present ever!

    My problem now is the baby pouch I have from my two and too little exercise! Any way, my girls keep me feeling quite young!

    God bless you!
  10. Laura I was just thinking- if you need someone to try your recipes on send some down here!- I am always willing to help- LOL! :D
  11. I'm always a go for food....
  12. I like to check out the various rooms in here, and found

    nothing wrong with You liking Candlelit Dinners, and Walks

    on the Beach, but:

    How exactly do You, take Candlelit, Moonlit Walks on the

    Beach, and Holding Hands, While Eating Dinner????????

    Are there a whole bunch of People involved, some holding

    the Candles, and Plates, and utensiles, and all?????

    And of cource, all men are like dogs, and wag our tales,

    when we hear there may be free food involved:D

    Cause I know I heard offers of "Volunteering" to try out

    some free food:rolleyes:

    But then again, I am known as "Stupid Dog," and "Big

    Dog," to My kids, and allways have a "Happy Paw," to hold

    up, when My ears detect the words "Free Food"!!!!!!
  13. Well, since I can't actually cook for you guys, because we are all scattered around the world, maybe we can start a new topic called "Member's recipes" where everyone can post recipes and how to make them! What do you think Jeff?:D

  14. Greetings Laura:

    Hey would love the idea of posting recipies. Romanian cooking what little I know of it... is quite yumalicious.

    Hey you just a spring chicken with a long way to go, and me I'm just a babe at 53.

    Howdy from another Texan Transplant.

    Happy Happy Joy Joy,

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