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  1. I think I am new here, but not sure. I belonged to a number of Christian forums several years ago (under a different user name) which I had to abandon due to time constraints ………..…but C'est la vie
    I was home grown in Chicago but I have lived all over the USA ……Currently I am in the far west regions of Texas. (Big Bend Area) which consists of mountains and tumble weed (not the kind you smoke). It is a beautiful area and the people are great. I am running fellowship's in two areas and having a blast watching God do his thing.... miracles & healings.

    Looking forward to meeting and fellowshipping with y’all.
    God Bless
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  2. Hola amigo :) Welcome to CFS. It's good to hear about your ministry. God Bless you sir
  3. Hi there! Welcome.
  4. Welcome. :)
  5. Hola amigo, Que Dios le bendiga... ;)
    Bienvenue au forum... :cool:
    Welcome to CFS, and may God bless you! :whistle:

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