HO HO HO merry Christmas

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  1. yep, that time of year AGAIN,
    I hate Christmas,
    I really do,
    perhaps its the commercialism of it
    or meeting people who you never see or don't want to see,
    the interruption of my normal existence, maybe I've just become so darn old and boring, I love it.
    Yes I know there are families out there, SOMEWHERE,
    who are all loving and good and can't wait to see one another and force some new gift onto one another
    that will be returned or gather dust.
    I hate cards, Christmas trees, decorations, Christmas movies, prawns [shrimp],
    I'm with scrooge, bah humbug.
    Hey I really really hope you have a good Christmas and are moderate in your eating
    and spending.
    The only good thing about Christmas
    is the birth of hope in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

  2. Actually the only thing about Christmas it he hope in Christ Jesus.. It is not the only good thing.. It is "the" thing.. World can try to minimize this.. But then it is no longer Christmas.. It is just holidays as they are claiming now. It is Christmas only when Christ is the focus..

    Merry Christmas!
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  3. You hit that on the nail Rav! Bingo!
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  4. Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas............ I expected something a lot more positive here. I'll take your shrimps if you don't like them.

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