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  1. Hmmmm...

    Anybody interested in posting unusual/odd trivia questions?? No rules just that they be really
    wierd ,unusual or odd.

    Here's one to start... :-k

    :arrow: What country has THE MOST post offices??

    { answers can be posted the next day }?
  2. india?? :smt081
  3. Boy your good!! :smt038 :smt103
  4. I even looked it up and couldn't find the answer.

    Interesting, though, I wouldn't have guessed it.

  5. Well actually,I never looked it up.
    It was an interesting piece of trivia that I picked up from,..LOL...The Wild Thornberry's cartoon.

  6. ok heres one
    Which country has the longest railway network? :smt047
  7. Asia/the Orient ???
  8. Russia?
  9. Well, while we're waiting for that's another one
    You've heard of the gang :smt012 called the "crips" in L.A. ? What do the letters stand for.
  10. Here's the answer.

    Community Revolution In Progress

    I never knew that,I was watching a documentary on A&E about gangs, learn somthin new every day :eek:
  11. oooh sorry guys. its INDIA again :smt066
  12. What's the name of Mr, Drysdale's secretary on the
    "beverly Hillbillies??
  13. Answer:

    Miss Hathaway
  14. What is the most stolen book?
  15. The Guiness book of World Records.
  16. So that's it. I remember reading the answer somewhere but forgot it. This is one of the rare cases of a book appearing in itself.
  17. Actually, I've heard it's the Bible. Go figure....but I suppose if you're going to steal a book, that'd be the best choice you could make....
  18. Who's book of quotations is second only to the Bible in sales????
  19. What is the longets word typed with one hand ?? normal typing not chicken pecking

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