Hmm .. So what is God doing today ..

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  1. Hmm .. So what is God doing today ..

    So .. about a century ago there was that Azuza Street Revival .. and in the same time frame awakenings .

    But something about the Azuza Street one seemed different .. chaotic .. like God was doing something new .. I have noticed .. Jesus does this .. even in the scriptures .. blesses some people .. their children and disciples .. try to wrap their head around it .. and later generations .. have all their theology perfected based on this one event or series of events .. but Jesus is not the I WAS .. but the I AM .. what is the new thing God is doing today?

    What new creation .. beginning word in Hebrew .. what is God shaking up today?

    God is always doing something new .. and the best is yet to come .

    share something that you see God doing .. but this particular thing doesn't seem to "fit" anywhere .. and why . maybe you'll help someone lurking feel less alone .

    may you all embrace your divinely given uniqueness today .
  2. The number 1 thing I have seen that God is doing today is telling everyone to get away from church doctrine and pretty much in them words.
    I have seen probably about 50 people now with the same revelation I have had.. all my church leaders in the local community have an interfaith pastor meeting each Wednesday..
    I mean what I see happening is something to do with church.. kinda like Gods gonna rip church apart and rebuild it...
    But I dont know, all I know is God has told many many many people this and it keeps growing.
    In fact I have a feeling its huge, like when what ever happens happens there will be a strong body and it will be almost unstoppable.
    Think this has something to do with end times, I have a feeling God is going to demonstrate His power again before the end, but thats just my fleshly theory.
  3. God is an awesome God and with all the corruption and evil in our day , I believe He will be shaking us all up and as we pray and fast , a great rival will come . But it starts with us.
  4. Hey, what awakenings?
  5. I think we are in need of a The Second Great Awakening, but it probably wouldn’t faze many today.

    Many churches today seem to have a revolving door when it comes to people coming and going. Much of this is caused from churches becoming bigger and more of a business. They seem to be more interested in filling seats and when this happens things become a bit diluted. I believe people are thirsty for Gods word but when church goes into a growth mode those that come as first timers seem to get lost in the shuffle. Many churches today are aware and have promoted smaller groups in members’ homes once or twice per week like a proverbs group. I have seen these groups expand because of the intimacy in a smaller group. While it is the individuals’ responsibility to pray, fast, and study Gods word the church needs to become more accountable in making sure new comers have some understanding, having at least a little foundation to grow from. I’ve attended churches with congregations of over 18,000 people these churches are like a mall, food courts, stores, etc. Any one would think what a blessing, but few among the many are praising God. Good music and sound, a decent word preached, but no spirit.
    Dusty, you are right it’s up to us, we can only be accountable for what we do, and the rest needs to be left in Gods hands. But, I do believe that God is changing church in some way and these smaller groups seem to be like church use to be.

    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    < : )))))) ><

  6. Thanks! reading about the pentecostal movement and that (Which I knew nothing about) was awesome!
    I see now that, yeah we been held up a bit.. I mean its only the last 100 years or so have things progressed closer.

    I agree, a lot of them are not really about God enough anymore...
    Its sad :(
  7. I guess that depends on what you mean by church doctrine.

    It certainly doesn't mean doctrine in general. Paul challenged Timothy to study so he can rightly divide the word of truth. Paul said that if anyone preaches a different gospel, they are anathema. Leaders are appointed in churches to help protect the churches from false teachers and false doctrine. So doctrine is very important. In fact, it can be a matter of heaven or hell. Yes, Jesus loves all, but He is the way, the truth, and the life and no one can get to the Father except through Him.

    I think we need to be careful when criticizing the Bride of Christ. It is church doctrine that determines, at least partially, who is a part of the Church and who is not. Faith in the wrong thing will save no one no matter how sincere they are.

    God will never contradict His Word. I don't see Him telling us to get away from church doctrine in His Word, but rather to guard the truth that has been entrusted to us.

    If you are talking about petty little things like "how short should a guy's hair be?" or "Is it OK to drink wine?" or insignificant things like that that have to do with how we live, then yes, I agree. But if you are talking about doctrinal issues like "Is salvation by faith alone or by faith plus works?", "Does baptism save us?", "Is Jesus really fully God and fully man?" or "Did Jesus raise physically from the dead or was it just his spirit that rose?", etc., then we need to fight for these things. Compromise is not permissible at this level.

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