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  1. hmm plane old ME

    well hmmm i am fairly new in my walk with Christ it will be 4 years this october. i was born in Calgary alberta, moved to Cranbrook british columbia when i was 4 then last year on July 2 i moved to Halifax Nova Scotia. i like alot of different things every thing from reading to shooting rifles and hand guns ( a rifle is NOT a gun.... big pet peeve of mine...). im single and allways have been though i hope that will soon change just maybe hopefully if it is God will (please God let it be...) i dont really hold much faith in the conventional church and as of right now my fellowship with other christians consists of forums and online chat rooms some people think that is wrong but i have made alot of very close friends (one day God willing i will get to visit them) and i have learned alot about the bible and Jesus (its actually how i found out about the Lord and what brought me to rededicating my life to God) i am a very shy person i am the type to sit there quietly in the corner and listen/observe every one else and maybe when i get to know people i will open up a little bit never very much though. i love every one and trust pretty much no one and the people i have trusted just stabed me in the back so yea. my friends or aquantences (sp?) or what ever you want to call them think i am starange because one of the first things i notice about a girl are either her eyes or smile i find those two aspects of a person tells you alot about their personality and what they are truly like. my two all time favorite things to do are eat and sleep only reason i go to work is so i have a place to sleep and food to eat lol
  2. You are a nice guy Chris! The longer you stay away for church the harder it is to go though. You are missing out and equally important your local church is incomplete- just my thoughts anyway.

    Eph 4:15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:
    Eph 4:16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.
  3. Chris must be flying :) ("plane") You mean "plain". :)

    Just correcting in love. :)

    You need to find a church you are comfortable with and get involved!
  4. meh i was never good at spelling... i blame it on my grade 2 teacher and her "inventive spelling" she allways told me to "sound it out" and spell it how it sounds lol
  5. I depend on the spell checker in the Fire Fox browser to help me out.:p
  6. I have recently been saved:) i go to a church but i dont wanna say i belong to that church:) this sunday i'm gonna visit another church close by:)if i do good deeds and help and love etc will it make a difference if i belong to a specific church?if they ask me bec of my deeds which church do i belong to?i will answer i do not belong to a specific church:) but i belong to the body of Christ:) if i do not belong to a specific church am i not included in the body of Christ?of course i am part of Christs body:) but i do suggest you visit a church every once in a while or just move around from church to church:) who knows,maybe you'll find one you will wanna join and belong to.maybe i will to one day:) i am exactly like you:) i'm shy etc.after the service i dont just start conversation with any one etc. i like to keep to myself.i dont trust easily. though i have spoken to a few nice people at church.i enjoy fellowshiping on this site.sometimes we have different views,but we respect and i enjoy.a friend told me exactly what i'm telling dont have to belong to a specific church to do what Jesus wants you to do:)but its good to Attend services..can you grow as a christian if you dont belong to a specific church? i believe you can:) just my 2 cents...
  7. I was going to say 'dude! can you fly!" - but I won't!! Welcome to the boards!
  8. Hi Oogii! This is not an argument just an observation. I did just what you are describing for some time. What I found out was this- God has a place for each of us in a local church body. There are hurting people that only you can reach and minister to and when we plug into a body we not only receive strength but we are able to strengthen others. I found out that it was not just about me but about reaching others in His love and briging healing and friendship to the broken hearted. That being said I still love to visit and glean from other churches. Anyway just some thoughts but I want to tell you by the Spirit of the Lord that you will find your place in the body as you seek Christ.
    Much love in Jesus Name, BL.
    PS- Next time you are in a service look around and ask God to show you the loneliest person with the greatest needs and the deepest pain and go share the love of Christ with them. The "pretty people" with the social graces are quite happy (at least on the outside). But there are many who go and sit in silence wishing someone would see their pain and reach out to them- these are the kind of folks Jesus hung out with in His earth walk and this is a great ministry opportunity. Our Father is well pleased when we do such things.
  9. I dont think you need to be a member of a church to do amazing friend got hurt bec he trusted the church elders with his secrets and got to find out a while later that all the members knew his secrets..i've read about amazing stories that happens when you belong to a church but than again i've heard some sad stories and even though i as a christian should only look at the good i cant deny and ignore the bad... i think every one is different...i belong to the body of Christ:)maybe i will find a church but for now i dont trust any one,not even church elders...different views and division also make me stay away.. how can i become part of something i dont fully agree with..if i go to another church that thing i didn't agree,they feel the same way as i do but than something else i dont agree with... we must all work out our own salvation,the church isn't gonna work out my salvation and belonging to one isn't gonna work out my salvation either,although if i find one it could help me do certain things... but if i dont find one i dont think it will be a problem.. like a friends of mine,her church worships and they do amazing things but for me they preach and talk and worry about money and finance to much... i can't belong to a church if i dont agree with it fully in my heart if you know what i mean:) i can't belong to a church and after i go home and begin to say what they spoke bout today was wrong,or stuff like that if you understand... i understand and respect what you telling me Bo and i thank you... but i dont think we have to belong to a specific church to do amazing things in Jesus name:) i hope one day i can find a church where my heart is set and i fully agree with and it fully agrees with me:) but i wont just belong to a church for the sake of belonging... there are two views to this and i believe they both strong views...
  10. NP Og, May the Lord direct your path. Just do not let the failings of human beings color your choices- they will always fail, Jesus will not.
    Much love and many blessings,BL.

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