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  1. Hm...

    A man and his wife were talking...

    Wife: Why can't you ever put anything in the garbage? You leave your trash all over the house...

    Man: You know, I believe this was the conversations our neighbors had all the time! She kept bugging him about that too!

    Wife: Well, he should learn how to put things in the garbage!

    Man: He did! And that's where the police found her...

  2. Ouch...

    An old man and a woman were sitting on a porch. The Old woman turns to the old man and without warning hits him in the head knocking him off his chair.

    "What was that for!", yells the old man.

    She responds by, "That's for fifty years of bad sex."

    The man then begins to think of what just happened. A few minutes later the man reaches over and punches his wife in the face hard enough to knock her off the porch and says, "That's for knowing the difference."
  3. Ewwww...:eek:
  4. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Good come back Baneranth
  5. Oh no!!! hehe
  6. You guys are too much ..... he he :D:D

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