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  1. Hiya!

    Hi Friendly Christian Community! This looks like a nice board and I look forward to browsing around to get a feel for things around here!

  2. Welcome Tanya... Hope you enjoy Your stay.

  3. Welcome to the word of God Tanya

    God bless
  4. Hi Tanya,

    Welcome to the Forum. I'm sure you will be blessed here. People here are very friendly and supportive. Tell us a little about yourself - where you're from, what you do etc.


  5. Thank you everyone and Lynn too,

    I live in Arizona and am wife of one husband and mother of three children which keeps me occupied. I have a few hobbies :fish::read: but my favorite is sharing with other believers in the Word of God to bring encouragement to others. I also like to share the gospel with nonChristians. :)

    I don't really know where to start on this board!
  6. Welcome Tanya. Blessings to you from Australia.
  7. Welcome!

    Gotta love tellin people the Lord reigns yet today. We speak divine power into creation, what a thrill! And it's part of the same sound that saved us while we were yet sinners.

    God bless you from a Canadian brother. :)
  8. [​IMG] To CFS Tanya!
  9. Hey Tanya,

    Welcome!!! I'm new here as well but I pray that God may lead you where He may. May you be blessed always!

    In His service always,

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