HIV Child rejected

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  1. HIV Child rejected

    A couple who checked into a recreational vehicle park with their 2-year-old foster son were told the boy couldn't use the showers, pool or other common areas because he has the HIV virus.

    How would you handle this? Was the park owners correct? More important how would your church handle this or how do you hope that they handle this type of situation if the child's parents wanted to leave him/her in your church day care with other children?

    You can read the full story at the link above, but here is what the CDC says;
    The HIV virus is not transmitted through day-to-day activities such as shaking hands, hugging or a casual kiss, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Now here is my take on this. This disease while difficult to transmit still can be transmitted under certain circumstances such a cut and blood. Knowing how children play and interact If there is ANY possible way for another child to get this in daily contact then I would not want any child to be in direct contact with one who has HIV. This includes church day care and church nurseries. I don't even want my child in the same room with another child with a cold, much less one that has HIV! In my opinion it is totally selfish and uncaring for the health of others when any parent brings a child to be in contact with other children when there is ANY possibility of contacting that or any other disease! I feel that the park owners did correctly. I am not against making a separate place to handle such a child where there is no contact with others who do not already have this disease and allow anyone who wants to care for them to be allowed, but never in with the regular population of children. Like I said even if there is only one chance on a million I would not want them with my child in a day setting. How should the church deal with these things and does your church have a policy on such?
    What do you say?
  2. if you didnt know they had hiv you wouldnt treat them any diffrent.why be scared of hiv.fear is a satan trait.
  3. Let me reverse the situation.
    If I had an infected child I would be very empathetic and understanding to how others feel.

    I would not want the responsibility of any mishaps~
    as you stated, children play, get scratches and cuts easily.
    Especially camping.
    I think every time we've ever camped my children have cut themselves on twigs, rocks even broken glass.

    I would never dream of putting my infected child in daycare!
    Isn't that playing with fire?
    This is a very sad situation for an innocent child but why take chances of possibly infecting someone else with a life threatening disease?

    It is not selfish to want to protect your children!
  4. As a parent I would never put anyone elses child at risk but would find another way to entertain my child- kids do not always follow the bathroom rules in pools and an improperly chlorinated pool with infected body fluids such as urine may or may not pose a risk but I would never want to take such a chance- brother Larry
  5. People fear what they do not understand. HIV can only be contracted through sexual contact or contact with blood, which is commonly done through sharing infected needles or, though this has been severely reduced in industrialized nations, infected blood transfusions. If a daycare has those things going on...I think having an HIV infected child would be the very least of their problems. The only possible way, and even then the chances are incredibly small, is that a child slips and falls on some glass, and then, within several minutes (HIV cannot survive outside of an organism for any extended period of time), another child slips on that very same broken glass. But, again, such a scenario is highly unlikely, especially in a daycare which is aware there is an HIV infected child in the midst.

    As for using shower, pools and the like, that is simply fear in ignorance to suggest anybody can contract HIV via swimming in the same pool with an infected person.
  6. Don't forget that children sometimes hit and scratch each other.
    What if an infected child got a nosebleed?
    It is a chance I would not want the responsibility of if it were MY child who was infected.
  7. Hitting and scratching are fine, as long as no blood is mixed (the blood can be mixed even, since no viral particles are probably going to be able to enter the body since the blood flows out from superficial open wounds, such as those that are possibly caused by scratching). As for the nosebleed, as long as blood is not capable of entering into another body (even scratches or getting blood into the eye is not enough to cause one to be infected), then another person has nothing to worry about. Besides, if the daycare people are aware of it, they can take plenty of precautionary measures to ensure no one even comes close to the infected blood on an even superficial level (due to nosebleeds or some other scenario), much less a level necessary to actually infect someone.
  8. What thing we can agree on is to pray for all these innocent victims!

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