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  1. I witnessed a highjacking in front of my house which troubled my mind a lot. After reading Luke 22:36 it seems that I must obtain a weapon for self-defense but feel it is against Mathew 5:38-39. Can anyone give advice in this regard. At knight we are living in fear for what is going to happened next.
  2. My only advise is to pray about when you should move away from your area.

    Why would God want you stay?
  3. It's hard to say, as an American we have this crazy idea that you have a God given right to 'self preservation' amid life threatening circumstances-now proving that that is 100% "Biblical" is a tough spot.

    As a Father and leader of the home, I have an obligation to provide and protect my family.

    As a Christian, defining 'protection' becomes a different reality than from what the world's idea of protection my be. Our initial fleshly response to is react as the flesh would react-evil for evil. I would like to tell you that I personal have overcome this idea-I have not.

    I will say this-according to our own governments statistics available on the FBI website and publicized documents- communities/ cities/ states that freely utilize our second amendment right to keep and bare arms has a significantly lower crime rates than those who are restricted. Chicago and Detroit are examples of this terrible restrictions. In the last 20 years -violent crime has dropped a near total of 50% in places where the population is knowingly armed-as gun ownership goes up-crime goes down. Criminals value their lives too!

    Now as a Christian, Father, and Homeowner / Taxpayer- It is difficult for me to say let's just pack up and move out of the place we have spent so much time investing our lives in including our Church family. But everyday I creep closer to having to make that decision looking at the circumstances around me. I pray that God leads me to make wise decisions in this.

    We live in a small village, and my part of the neighborhood is relatively okay. Last year we had a known drug dealer move in behind us and things have started to change in the neighborhood. Thankfully my neighbors and I are relatively close and we have made it known that they are under observation and we will not hesitate to call the police. Thanks be to God we have no real incidents with them; but the element is still there. We have had a couple of minor incidents-but nothing that would be life threatening or requiring an investigation.

    I like having the availability of a weapon -is this fleshly? Could be-but I think you also have to have the correct mindset to own a weapon. I am a military veteran and have been trained and I am also surrounded by a hunting culture. If I hear something-first I observe-and if I have time enough to assess the situation-I will approach unarmed or with something potentially non-lethal like a bamboo stick (which still can be lethal). Picking up a gun is my last resort, it is the reaction to immediate danger-not so much of myself-but of my child.
  4. Brother Mike: I advised our SA friend to ask God about moving, NOT just to decide for ones self "to pack up" and go.

    There is a light year's difference for the praying and listening Christian, IMO.
  5. Yes I agree -my apologies if that came off different...:oops:
  6. It was sounding a bit odd coming from you, frankly, as I see you as a man who waits on God's instructions to you.
  7. I think the trouble above is caused by the word “when”….

    At first read: it read like:
    pray about when = “at what point in time”you should move away from your area

    At second read:, I think it means:

    pray about when =” if or before” you should move away from your area
  8. Precisely...Here in Asia, English is a bit odd...British ex-colonial influence and local usage gets jumbled for me, as I speak four languages, one having no tenses!

    Maybe I should have used "whether".

    In any case, God should be consulted and heard before any move is done of any kind like this.
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  10. Thanks Jeff...I appreciate(y) your attention!
  11. I think this is an excellent questions for Christians to ask.

    My wife and I live in a bad neighborhood -- we have had a few attempted break-ins, one car break-in, and a problem with the police.

    Back in November, I heard gun shots right outside my door as I was about to leave to pick up my wife from work. I immediately went back inside and called the police (stationed about 5 blocks from where I live). I waited for about an hour and 15 minutes, but they never showed up. They have done this to my other neighbors before.

    I'll try to avoid getting into the politics of it all, but while gun control is incredibly high in DC, it doesn't stop the criminals from using them. Because I am married (and eventually we will have kids, though hopefully we will have moved by then), I would still do what I can to protect them. I keep a baseball bat at my bedside just in case. However, I don't use it as an aggressor, nor would I use it for revenge--my purpose for keeping it is in case of an aggressor.

    Matthew 5:38-39, is a very good passage to discuss because it raises a good question; is it in regards to not trying to set revenge or is it in regards to more than just that? I suspect the latter, but you're asking the right questions.
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  12. "..hopefully moved by then".....My point, exactly, Lysander.

    I've lived in violent neighborhoods, once I lived alone in a ghetto.

    Unless God has a specific mission for a Christian there, I don't see the logic of courting danger. I understand rents are very high in DC, but suggest to you to pray on your situation, as unless you have perfect night vision, a strong swing and can dodge bullets/or slashings from a single wounded aggressor, your hopes in your bat are maybe misplaced.

    If anything happened to your wife, you may not have kids.

    God does protect, but we need to know if He has us where He wants us, not just where we want to be.

  13. We've managed pretty well. Luckily, we're not living in the worst of DC. Most of DC is actually moderately OK (we're not in South East which is good). Living in certain areas means practicing prudence. I'd argue my wife is probably more prudent than I when it comes to it as she grew up in one of the most dangerous parts in the 90s where the 1991 riots too place between the Salvadorean immigrants and the police (it is now a safe neighborhood). Though we're not moving out yet for the sake of work, family, finances, etc. We certainly don't expect to move away from the east coast.

    We're here partly because we've got a great deal in renting and we're saving more than we did in less expensive areas. So it's not so cut-and-dry regarding our living situation

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