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  1. hi!!

    hi im new and i just wanted to introduce myself
    • im hoppers
    • im 19
    • im a new christian
    • i love jesus!
    • im spirit filled
    • i believe in the trinity
    • im a single teen mom
    • ive been redeemed, forgiven, set free
    • i lived at mercy ministries for 6 months
    • i made my share of mistakes in my wild days
    • im a new creation in christ
    praise jesus for grace
  2. Hoppers

  3. Welcome Hoppers! It is wonderful to have you with us, may the LORD bless you and the gift (child) He has sent you.
  4. Hoppers..... I love that song too.... That's what we are all doing here worshipping our Saviour.... Bless you.

  5. Welcome!

    Hey, Hoppers! I like the song "Here I am" too. It's one of my favorite.
    Can't wait to know you more.
  6. Hi Hoppers, hop on in the waters fine!:D

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