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  1. Hi

    I decided to search for a Christian forum where i could hopefully surround myself with good influences.

    I tend to struggle a lot in my day to day walk in faith, and it bothers me. I've recently noticed my slow but steady diversion from Jesus and I'm worried. Hence one reason i'm here :eek:

    Anyhow, i'm 16 years old and am looking for a positive environment :)
  2. welcome


    This is it... You just entered into the best Christian forum on the net...

    Would you like to tell us alittle about yourself... Like how or when you surrendered to the Father?

  3. Well, I gave my life to Christ and was baptised when i was young, probably 4.
    But as i got older i felt that at that young age i didn't realize what truly happened. So one day probably when i was 11 (not sure about the age) i felt something tugging at my heart and i went and talked with my dad and thats when i knowledgeably accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior :)
  4. Yes I agree... Most children that young I believe don't understand these rituals... As I have grown older, there have been multiple times that I had to make CHrist the Lord and Savior of this and that... Things I didn't know He could be the Lord of... So it's a continuing process through out life...

    Hope you like this video ...


    The bald guy represents the Holy Spirit or Christ... I though at first he was a monk or a buddist....:)
  5. Hi Struggle- the more we find ourselves in Christ the more the struggle is over- we enter His rest by faith as we enter into His fellowship. Spend more time with your heavenly Father, spend time in the New Testament. Read a great Chrsitian book- I can recomennd several if you want. All those things cause your heart and mind to be focused on the source of our very life- Jesus tells us to abide in the vine and it is only when we abide in Him that we find the freedom, joy and fulfilment we so desperately need. I will be praying for you- your brother Larry
  6. Heh Beloved I couldn't open your link:p
  7. Thank you

    and yes, book referrals would be nice :)
  8. Welcome
    I am so happy you found this forum and that your desire for God is still within you.
    Love, Violet

  9. Good morning everyone,:israel::D:):israel:

    Don't understand why the link didn't work... Try this one...


    Hope everyone had a blessed night sleep...:D

    I agree with Bro.Larry, except for me I couldn't concentrate in Abiding in Christ... So I was very frustrated most of the time, and felt like a failure in the Christian life:(:(:(

    I had to pray to my Father, and ask Him to Help me do what He desired through the Helper the Holy Spirit...

    And that worked for me... Like excercising,my spiritual muscles started to developed and it is soooooo worth it...
    ABBA bless you...
  10. That link worked fine Beloved- and no one can abide in the vine apart from the Holy Spirit.

    Struggle here are some reading suggestions I think will both edify you and be enjoyable:

    In His Presence- E. W. Kenyon

    The Final Quest- Rick Joyner

    Hind's Feet on High Places- Hannah Hurnard

    Let us Draw Near- Judson Cornwall
  11. Hi and Welcome to the forum!

  12. It Helps

    to understand that you have to even look at yourself in a possitive light. you are Made in Gods image. He has a purpose for you. You have to become whole and be willing to be put on the potters wheel to be molded. Do look at it as a struggle. but as a transformation. like a butterflie.
    maybe you need to change your name to transformation to Christ
  13. When a person forms a sincere intent in their heart to serve God, I believe He responds to that intent. It doesn't matter if that decision was made at a young age in ignorance. I have been a Christian as long as I can remember. As soon as I knew anything about God, I desired to be His and to serve him. Just like you, only for a few decades longer, and like Beloved, my relationship with Him has been a process of growth, learning, and revelation. The very fact that you sought out Christian influences when you felt yourself drifting is a demonstration of Christ's work in you.

    Phillippians 1:6
    For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

    You have found a good place. Welcome.
  14. ...just a warning. The people in this forum are NOT a good influnce, you will soon see that!

    They are a GREAT influence, whoo-hooo!:dance:

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