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  1. Recently returned to Christianity, although, I don't feel like the same person this time. I've been 'born again,' I believe...what led me back was the Holy Spirit. I left Christianity about 4 years ago, and then identified as an atheist, and wasn't even thinking of Jesus, stopped praying...stopped attending church. No more reading of the Bible, and just a few weeks ago, I had an experience of the Holy Spirit, and everything changed instantly. I've read other people's accounts of these types of experiences, and their feelings nearly match mine. It's amazing! I'm so grateful, and have been at peace ever since this happened. Thanks for listening, and look forward to posting here. :)
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  2. Welcome to CFS, Diedre...and to the family of God!

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  3. Welcome to CFS,

    We're glad to see you here. I'm sure you'll settle in quickly, but before you go ahead with full involvement within these forums, please read the information within the following two links; these will help you with your account, the rules etc.



    Should you have any questions, please ask any staff member who would be happy to assist.
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  4. Welcome!!! :D

    I'd love to hear about your experience!
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  5. Welcome Diedre. Glad to see you and am certainly blessed to see that you have come back to God. For me it took a while to gain my understanding of the Word, but i can tell you i agree it was the best decision ever!
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  6. Welcome to Christian Forum Site! And know how happy God is to have you back!
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  7. Thank you all so very much for this nice welcome! So happy to be here, and Abdicate, I'll share my story a bit more tomorrow. I will just say this, He lets us leave. That's how much He loves us. He lets us leave, and then He went looking for me. I'm beyond blessed. :)
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  8. Okay, thank you, I will make sure to ask questions if I have them. :)
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  10. Sister Deidre, once you became a child of God by asking Jesus to be your savior you belong to God, and you no longer belong to yourself. Once you have a baby that child belongs to you no matter what you might think. If you go astray from the Lord after becoming his child, he will go after you to bring you back to himself. He will never leave you or forsake you, and no man or demonic power can snatch away from his loving hands. This of course causes us to even love him more, as he disciplines us and corrects us so we might be partakers of his Holiness. Welcome back :)
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  11. Beautiful post, thank you!! :)
  12. What was your experience with the Holy Spirit?
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  13. Hi ASUK...

    Nearly a month ago now, at work, I was just working, and over the past two years, there has been this restlessness inside of me. But, I was 'done' with Christianity, done reading the Bible, done believing in Jesus. I felt actually indifferent towards Christianity, but was thinking that 'something' might exist. Well, nearly 4 weeks ago now, I was sitting at work...and this feeling came over me. More than a feeling, like something outside of myself ..rushed over me. And this intense heat came over me, and my hands felt painful for a moment. It was at that moment, that I missed Jesus. I hadn't even thought Him, I didn't even know if He truly existed. But in that moment, I missed Jesus, and I had this desire to pray to Him, to read the Bible, to come back to the faith. It was at that very moment that I thought to myself, I know Jesus is here. This isn't just faith, but I KNOW He is the Holy Spirit.

    The day went on, and I felt this unexplained joy and comfort...that I had not felt since leaving Christianity. When I first left Christianity, I felt a sense of 'freedom' for I viewed Christianity back then as restrictive. I never felt born again, but now I do. I finally know what 'born again' even means. Maybe that is why leaving Christianity was easy, but now I can't imagine ever letting it go.

    But, here is the really strange part of all of this. I decided to start googling to see if others have had experiences like this, and their experiences were just like mine! Same heat. Same intensity. Same sudden peace. And what's more, they all lost interest in this world. Not that I don't have an interest in my parents, my friends, etc. But I've lost interest in social media, shopping, money, chasing promotions in the business world, dating ...it all pales in comparison to the peace and joy I have now after the Holy Spirit touched my life. I can hardly believe it some days, that this event happened to me. It happened to me, someone who was ignoring God, who let God go. I left, and didn't intend on coming back, truly.

    And if we read Scripture, the Holy Spirit came upon them as well, just like my story! I used to brush past that passage in the Bible, but now it's my favorite one.

    He lets us leave, though. That is how much Christ loves us...He lets us go, and then He seeks us. Do you know of anyone on this earth who would do that? I don't...only Christ.

    That's my story. :)
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