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  1. I just joined the forum. I chose the name New Man because that's what Christ is making me into. I'm looking forward to meeting people and being able to minister to each other. I have a wife and four young kids who keep me busy.

    I hope to get to know some of you better soon, but right now I need to go have Bible time with the kids and start getting them ready for bed. The whole bedtime process takes an hour at our house. Just recently I learned that you need to supervise your kids when they start putting toothpaste on their toothbrushes themselves or they'll squeeze out half the tube at one time.
  2. Welcome! God bless you and your family!
  3. Hi there, welcome to the forum!
  4. welcome to cfs
  5. Thanks everyone for the welcome!
  6. Welcome!! :)
  7. Hey howdy and welcome.

    Your post about toothpaste reminded me of something funny. Once my mom almost brushed her teeth with ben-gay. She went as far as putting it on her tooth-brush, but when she got it up towards her mouth she realized something wasn't quite right.
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  8. Hello NEWMan and welcome to the forum, you'll have a great time here. My wife and I have a two year old and a one year old at the moment so I know where you are brother. We've just sat down now (7.45pm Scotland) and the kids are tucked up in bed. Love your short comments about the level of love you are showing your kids, the first three years are so important, just like anything else, they need to have a good foundation to build on. God bless your efforts, God will honour your labours!
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  9. Welcome here!

    Enjoy those children now, enjoy them tomorrow. Soon, they'll be driving off in their little convertibles, packed to their non-existent roofs, headed off to college. No kidding. It happens so quickly!

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