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  1. Hello to get straight to it I practiced with craft and thought it was in the name of god the god of freewill love and grace but now I am 're born in the name of God. To me it seems as thou god is omni present in all thing and naturally creating asavior
  2. Hello and welcome-you might want to post in the 'New Members Welcome Area'
  3. Well I already sayd welcome in your other thread but just figured I would say welcome once again
  4. Thank you do you believe if the phenomena of people praying and having the same goals without know some do know
  5. I misunderstand what you are asking me here?
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  6. How will the church recognises a new prophet to add another testament if it's not exact as the revelation writes is where I was gonna end
  7. I am confused. could you restate the question?
  8. I think we get pushed around by cults and the church seemingly won't accept a prayer crusade
  9. If you want to ask a clear question, sure we are all happy to think about it with you. However,you seem to be unclear in your posts - help us by asking a simple and clear question (& one at a time) or we find it hard to help :)
  10. There so many things out there that will keep people from truth it is a miracle of God when they turn from the lies and accept the truth.
  11. There will not be a new prophet unless it is false-- Gods word is complete. Jesus said "it is finished" meaning his work on the cross has reconciled us forever to the father thru this gift of grace.

    What makes you think there will be more revelation? God has already revealed to us what came and what is to come.

    So glad that you are not practicing the "craft" anymore...I am assuming that is witchcraft. Welcome to the family of believers! Known to God before the creation of the earth!!
  12. Just to add-- God does give us personal revelation into His will for our own lives :) but I don't believe we need a prophet for that....

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