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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by AmericanAngel, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. it's me again...long time...what's new?
  2. Wow! It has been a while. I remember the thread about the TV shows of days gone by (60's and 70's mostly, as I recall) and that was four years ago already. Welcome back!
  3. I thinks its been longer.... I guess that topic is long gone now....I think I still have a pictures on here, but do I need to relog in or something?
  4. I've been on Facebook for the most...
  5. wow! what are alerts?! LOL this is new!
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  6. cannot access members list...trying to recall a lady friends name....
  7. ok, found 2 gal friens...SweetSurrender and Violet! are they still on here?
  8. I haven't seen Violet or SweetSurrender in a few years.
  9. That's odd. Gallery is listed under Entertainment, but the photo gallery appears to be inaccessible. I browsed the photo gallery not too long ago, if memory serves, though time goes by so quickly these days.
  10. alerts is when a person likes your post. Let me demonstrate hehee
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  11. yep & still can't access members. Not that I would...continueally...go through each name...LOL But I was looking for 2 names , found them in my "inbox". Sure do miss Violet...
  12. Members has been inaccessible since we got new forums software. I used to use that feature a lot.

    Yeah, I miss Violet too. When I first came here she and Boanerges were two of the most prolific posters on here.

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