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  1. Hi

    Hi I am new here and I have been reading some of the threads. I find this place very nice and inviting. It is nice to be able to talk with other believers out there! Anyway I am a mom, full time college student, and small business owner -I have been influenced by worship music in so many ways and I wanted a way to be able to work and stay home with my kids so I prayed on what to do and the Lord brought me to this path in my life... I am so excited and I look forward to talking with you...
    Maria aka mladybug216
  2. Hey,

    Welcome to CFS, hope you continue to enjoy the friendly atmosphere .
  3. Hi and welcome Maria to the forum.
  4. Welcome to CFS and we are glad to have you here. Just to mention that your address has been removed. Administrator's permission is needed before advertising.
  5. Welcome to CFS
  6. Hello and Welcome to the forum
    glad to have you with us :)

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