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  1. Hi

    Hello, my name is William. I am a proud Christian, and attend a Presbyterian church. I came here searching for ways to improve my website, christiancouponers.com I was so impressed with the site, I decided to join:)
  2. Welcome William, I'm looking forward to view your website.

  3. Blessings to you as well my friend. I'm afraid the site is not much to look at. As a college student I wanted to save as much money as possible. Well, there are some great sites to do it, but the people are rude. Christian Couponers was my fix, unfortunately it hasn't done well. But there are some great people there that really believe it will work out. I hope so:)
  4. Welcome [again] William I too hope you find all that you are looking for [and more] here .
  5. Wecome to the word of God

    God bless
  6. Welcome to the Site, William. Actually, God hates pride. He prefers that we be humble and not proud. I'm not proud to be a Christian, but I'm very happy to be one.
  7. Welcome to CFS William!:)
  8. Is pride not part of righteousness, that we may claim in Him? Or no?

    Welcome William.
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