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  1. Hi

    I'm new and I just wanted to say hi.

    Little bit about me:
    Ive been a Christian for 12 years now but havent done my best at conveying it very well the entire time. I get a lot of starts and stops but Im looking to continue on and really make it apart of who I am now that I'm older and I understand the faith more than just something my parents want me to do. What started me up, permanently I hope, was a particular atheist on another forum who bashed Christianity with pretty much the entire forum agreeing and being the new guy there stuck my foot in and even though I was completely overwhelmed by their arguments it made me get my nose back into the Bible after years of depression and being quiet on the things I had learned inside my old Christian school. I'm decent at debating now and defend the faith fairly well there now.

    I wanted to find a Christian forum mainly because im mostly around athiests and wiccans and im worried my beliefs are starting to slant towards mixing with science- the wiccans typically avoid religious talk with me altogether- and to build on my faith's foundation.

    I was raised Baptist but now I'm essentially non denominational. My only Church is the Bible itself. THere have been pieces that I was told by a preacher that Ive come to find as false through reading the Bible so I'm kind of skeptic about some things without a solid verse(s) to back things up. I prolly wont be much of a poster and what I do post will likely to be questions as I am essentially starting over in what I know- minus that Christ is the Savior who died on a cross for our sins- because so much is confused as to what is fact and what was made up through the pastor for one reason or another. I'm starting again in the book of Matthew and I hope to rebuild myself in Christ's name.

    So thats a bit about me. Hi!
  2. Hello Dreamscaper,
  3. Hi Dreamscaper:
    So very nice to meet you...welcome!!!:)

    In regards to your experience and comments about wiccans, etc... I was once on a "missions" trip to a very little burb in my state to stay with a high school friend who had had surgery and could not carry her then 1 1/2 yr old daugther and 3 year old daughter. The Lord spoke to me and said (among other things)..."make sure more of WHO that lives within you rubs off on her that WHAT lives within her rubs off on you!" (Greater is HE that is in YOU that he that is in the world)

    Be encouraged; coming here for fellowship shows the Holy Spirit's work in your life and your love and dedication to the One who paid the price for you.

    I was on another "christian" forum also (I am sure it was the same one that you mention; I was persecuted for my slightly "out of the mainstream" beliefs (strictly bible and Holy Spirit taught) and was bashed terribly and realized I could not have been among brethren.
  4. Welcome to CFS

    Welcome, Dreamscaper. We are very glad that you found us here at CFS and we welcome you into your new Christian family.

    Being a non-denominational Pastor, I believe that your choice to remain non-denominational may be a very good thing for you at this time in your walk on God's path. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me in Private Messaging... that PM feature will automatically be activated for you once you make several more posts in the forum.

    Glad to have you with us... and may God bless.
  5. Welcome to the Christian site.
  6. Thank you everyone! Not entirely used to being welcomed. Its a good feeling :)

    Ill do my best to remember not to debate on here. Im so used to it on the other site, but ill try my best not to start on here.

    Also, the rules state that making topics about wether homosexuality is a sin are forbidden as well as others of the same type of question; if I have a question about wether something is or isnt a sin should I pm someone or...? Some of the things ive been taught werent in line with the Bible so if I'm looking for a passage and cant find it should I just pm or should I go somewhere else for some help finding the Biblical answer? Thanks!!
  7. Hi Dreamscaper and welcome to CFS!:)

  8. If you have a question and are not sure if it is acceptable on the forum please pm it to one of the Mods or Helpers and we will do our best to guide you.

    If it is suitable for the forum we will tell you where to post it and if it is unsuitable we will try to point you to a place where you can find a scriptural answer.
  9. Thanks for the welcomes! :)

    Ok, thank you. Ill do that before posting those questions. thanks!
  10. Hello and welcome
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