Hi =)

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Lyssa10, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Hi =)

    Hi, I'm Alyssa, I'm from Adelaide Australia!
    I'm new and already I love this community! I really hope i can come to get to know you all. =D I actually found this place as I needed help with something Im going through now, and I think i posted it in the Prayer requests section.
    But yeah, I'm 18 years old (as of 2 weeks hehe) and last June I was saved....
    I love God and He is great.
    hope to talk soon and God bless.
  2. Welcome aboard! What brings you here? :israel:
  3. Lyssa, Hi, I am Marg and I am an Aussie too - from Queensland! Welcome.
  4. Welcome, Alyssa!! I hope you have a good time here. We will be praying for you!
  5. Hi Alyssa, welcome to the CFS family. You will find lots of love and encouragement here! :D
  6. I'm so happy for you! Being saved at such a young age! That's beautiful!

    Welcome to the forum, my Friend! It's good to have you here.:)
  7. Thankyou for all the welcomes!! That's so nice of you all =)
    I came here just because i want to become stronger in my faith and get to know some really great people through the love of God.:)
    Have a great day everyone..its 10.39am here and i better get bck to work. haha
  8. You are 18 and get to do work on computers? Where can I sign up? I'm 19.
  9. I work at my local library! hehe, its good becuase im supposed to be working but then i sneak away and come on here. I'm a rebel..(not) lol

    God gave me a great job though, i love it
  10. Welcome to the forum and to the family of God. I've been saved nearly 45 years!
  11. Haha thanks! Ive been saved nearly a year and am still growing with my faith!!
    God is great :D
  12. :welcome:
  13. [​IMG]Welcome to the family of God, Lyssa! There are a number of Aussies here, so you should feel right at home! This is a great place to be, and we are glad you are here!
  14. Hello, Lyssa! I'm Amelia, and I'm 18 as well. :D Hope to see you around! (well, sort of, especially since all we see is what you write and post... but it's weird to say "read you around!" XD):p
    Sorry, I'm a little silly. ;)
  15. Haha! That made me laugh :D
    And thanks!! Hope to "read" you around :p

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