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  1. Hi

    I'm Christian Commando. Just thought I'd pop in and troduce myself.

    God called me as a Minister since age 25 and have done that ever since Evangelistically. I love to read, study and research God's Word and related subjects, plus I am a small engine Mechanic, metal and mechanical engineer, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and biblical History majors hehe.

    I look forward to interacting more on this site over time.

    God Bless!!

  2. :israel::dance::welcome: :D
    It's very nice to meet you~
    God Bless,
  4. Hi CC and welcome to CFS!!!:D
  5. [​IMG]
    Welcome to the forum, CC! Ooooo! Biblical History! Mind if we pick your brains once in awhile?[​IMG]
  6. :welcome:

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