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  1. we are giving away great prizes please follow this link to great rewards..
    we recently detected unauthorized activity on your account, please follow the below link...
    we're doing a survey to see how good we are, please take a minute to tell us your date of birth
    and other unimportant information..
    your privacy is valuable to us.
    SCAMS, HACKS, FRAUDS, fake bank account websites which mirror exactly the your real bank account
    except for a slight variant to the address.

    When you get ANY email
    and most importantly from ANY survey or bank or
    even the IRS or homeland security
    or FBI or CIA
    or your shopping mall
    EBAY , PAYPAL, an online shop,
    the charity to rescue abandoned starving kids in Africa,
    hi, i'm a single black man in Nigeria of great wealth looking for a single women in America,
    hi, have I got a deal for you, we are trying to clear a large sum of money...
    hi, earn 25% interest, send money to this virgin bank a/c, all accounts full insurance against loss..
    you should be SUSPICIOUS and delete the email
    and go right to the source to verify it,
    or even forward the email to the source to verify the legitimacy of it.
    Scammers know the power of words and how to press your buttons,
    they are fishing, they send out hundreds of thousands of emails
    and know they will catch a few dumbos, then they will clean out your accounts
    and leave a trail of fraud...for you to clean up.
  2. These scams target persons who have no concept of what it takes to be victimized. That includes young persons just starting out in life with new job and limited experiences in the real world as well as the elderly who have been trusting of others all their lives. If you know a person in their late teens or early 20's or have an elderly relative or neighbor who may need guidance, please sit down with them and explain these scams and identity theft attempts to protect them from potential harm. Do your part in logging inbound phone numbers and email addresses that you suspect of scamming, phishing or attempting any type of fraud and report your concerns to the FBI or your local authorities.

    Fraud Resources: http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud/internet_fraud/internet_fraud

    Fraud Resources: http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud

    FBI Office Locator: http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field
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  3. http://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/about-us/what-we-do/national-cyber-crime-unit[/QUOTE]
    Do you really need to be on facebook or twitter or a dozen show the whole world what you look like and who you are?
    Don't fall for the voucher discount card or survey that is only after your name and birthdate, there is no prizes for you, you are the prize, chump.
    The other day I cleared out some scam emails, little did I know I had won millions in the European lotteries
    or there were financial investments TOO GOOD to pass up,
    The tax office was after me and the fbi and so many people had replied to me on facebook or whatever and were waiting on me to clear it up...
    I also received a speeding ticket in another state, I just had to click on the link...
    DON'T DO IT, do not even confirm anything using a supplied phone number or name,
    contact the real authorities
    if you have any doubt. And DON'T fall for , " this may be a scam please pass it on to this bank or that law office" LINK, of course its a scam, its a scam in a scam.
    But worry more about your kids online habits.

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