Hi yall!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by BoldforChrist, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi yall!

    I'm new here too! And am so glad to be here. It is like a breath of fresh air! :p I just want to be able to have fellowship with real honest to goodness Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ with their whole , heart, soul, mind and strength! That know we are all in this together, that we are the body of the Lord Jesus Christ!:groupray:
  2. Welcome to the Site.
  3. LOL welcome! sorry it's so funny how breathofGod and Jon-Marc post the same message in each welcome and it's always breath first and Jon second LOL. well in the 2 newest anyways :p

    Glad you're here brother BoldforChrist
  4. Hi BoldforChrist:
    Welcome to CFS...we tend to think that we have a pretty nice place here but only because JESUS IS LORD and we have come to join in fellowship and worship with others who believe so...;)

    Blessings and peace to you...
  5. Welcome to our family BfC!:D
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