Hi, y'all, from Tennessee!

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  1. I am excited about being able to converse with fellow Christians and gain sound advise from time to time. I am a 38 year married, 56 year young grandmother of 4, college student trying to find what I want to do when I grow up!

    I work in disaster relief as a volunteer and am part of an organization that serves world-wide. My position is the Child Care Coordinator for TN, and chaplain. My husband raises small animals on a mini-farm; we have mini cows (Dexters), mini donkeys, pygmy goats, and a couple of horses and regular size donkeys. Mom lives next door, where she recently built a house and moved from the city, and we keep our two youngest grandsons when they are not in school or at their parents' houses. My husband is disabled and on the kidney transplant list awaiting a kidney. I look forward to interacting with you all!
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    [​IMG]Welcome to CFS! [​IMG]

    harbeh ahavah, Shav
  3. Hi, Shavaughn! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
  4. Hi Stoney [​IMG] They used to call me that when I was younger hehe. Hey welcome to CFS. We have a lot to offer and some good solid teaching and even some fun stuff. So I want to personally
    [​IMG] you to CFS. If you have not done so yet please read the new comers welcome package. It gives you some good tips on how to survive this jungle [​IMG] God Bless you and see ya soon

    [​IMG] out.
  5. Welcome to our fellowship Stoney. You have an amazing heart. Would love to hear more from you.
  6. Hi, Jeff! Thank you for your kind welcome! Wow! Australia!! Always wanted to visit there, but it seems your weather has been worse than ours lately. At least our snow is more solid than your flooding! Hope you are safe and sound, and that the storms haven't been a problem for you.

  7. Hi there, JG27_chili (formerly known as Stoney!!)! Thank you for your welcome! I look forward to participating here and learning a thing or two. I have, indeed, read the new comers' welcome package, and you are right...it helps! Take care, and will catch 'ya later! Blessings
  8. By God's grace, I've been safe in Melbourne. There are many who lost their houses etc. It was a state called Queensland that was mostly affected. Keep them in your prayers please. :) God bless you.
  9. I have seen the devastation from floods in the past, and know first-hand the mess involved in the clean-up. It is a frustrating process on top of the frustration of the loss. I am glad to hear that you are safe and sound, and will continue to pray for those in Queensland. We have the Federal Emergency Management Agency here, who will provide funds to those affected by disaster. Do you have anything like that there? I work through the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief organization, which is tied with the Salvation Army as the largest disaster relief organization world-wide. The American Red Cross lost several members a few years back when they started background checks, reducing their ranks drastically. Take care, and we'll talk more later!
  10. A fellow Volunteer. Welcome!
  11. Hi there, and thanks for the welcome! Where do you volunteer?
  12. Welcome, Stoney! :)
    Hope you enjoy it here!
  13. [​IMG] Stoney to CFS..from one southern girl to another southern girl!!
  14. I mean as in Big Orange.

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