Hi there!!!!

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  1. Hi there!!!!

    Hi there folks [​IMG]!
    [​IMG], so please be kind!
    Plus I'm from England [​IMG].........and that means you have to be extra kind [​IMG]!!
  2. Hi EmsyBear,

    Welcome to the forum.:welcome:

    I am also based in England.

    If you have any questions just ask we are a friendly bunch.

    To help you get started please read the New Members Survival thread. It makes the journey into this forum much easier.
    You will find it here
    Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site
  3. In accordance with whatever rule I seem to have just made up, whereby I'm only allowed to welcome girls to the site...welcome aboard.

    Rooster: Dood...this is just getting sad.

    Bana: You're the one that pointed the rule out, I'm just following it

    Rooster: yeah, yeah, whatever. Why do I even try anymore...
  4. OooooooooooooooooK then - *runs kicking and screaming from this forum* ;)
  5. Banarenth is nuts but Rooster normally keeps him under control.
    Actually do not tell him I said this but he is a great guy and a wonderful Christian.
  6. If rooster is supposed to be keeping me under control, I must say, he's doing a poor job of it.

    Rooster: But I'm only one man!!!!...er bird.. I need to talk to a staffing agency, you're becoming more than a full time job.
  7. Hi EB! Welcome to our family!!!:)
  8. Welcome to the forum. Hope you like it here. :)
  9. Welcome Emsy. I've always wanted to go to England. Chelsea football, cornish pastys, home of the Beatles, the high wire act at Picadilly Circus...:)

    It's nice to know that no matter where you're from, we all have the same common bond in Christ.

    Again, welcome!
  10. Welcome, EmsyBear! :israel:

    What a cute name! My husband and I are traveling to England in May sometime. I wish I could find all you guys and meet someplace. Never been there. Norm's father came from East Leigh, so we want to see if we can find other relatives, or their graves. Another goal is to travel on the train through the Chunnel to Paris.

    My husband wants me to tell ya his great, great cousin (if there is such a thing) was Hugh Lofting, author of 'Doctor Doolittle'. :D
  11. [​IMG]
    Welcome to the forum, Emsybear! I know you will enjoy it here! I see you've already made it to the Coffee House! hee!
    Dont mind Banareth. He talks to himself alot. Quite harmless, actually. Talking to yourself is ok. [​IMG] Answering yourself is not a problem. [​IMG]Its when the third person jumps in, THEN you have a problem![​IMG] ha!
    P.S. I like your smilies! I'm addicted to them, myself![​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]
    Thanks for the lovely welcome folks.
    I live in beautiful Norfolk, which is the sticky out bum bit on the right hand side of England.
    I have been married to Mark for nearly 15 years and we have a 5 yr old son.
  13. OH, that was beautiful![​IMG] I would love to go see England! Especially in the summer! Hey! [​IMG]Sweetsurrender! Can I go with you in May? (Just kidding)
  14. I'm glad you approve [​IMG]. I love Norfolk and have lived here for about 17 years. I am actually from the north of England but am slowly becoming a Norfolk girl -lol.
  15. Welcome, enjoy!
    Love your pics, my only memory of Norfolk is the Broads!
  16. Broads as in women? :p
  17. Hey, that would be great. Don't kid around like that, it might just happen.
  18. Oh that did make me smile!
    No, the Norfolk Broads are waterways, you can hire a boat and holiday (as we say in England) there!
  19. I'd better add some more as you liked them so much!!

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