Hi there!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by MelD, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Hi there!

    Hi! ^_^

    I'm a student from South Africa and I'm a relatively new Christian, raised Christian but never really explored a personal experience with God. That's why I'm here, just to mingle and seek answers to some questions. I look forward to virtually meeting all of you :)
  2. Look forward to getting to know you too .

    Welcome to CFS .
  3. Welcome to CFS
  4. Hello, hello :)
    Welcome to Christian Forum Site! :)
    Glad you decided to bless us with your presence!
  5. That's a good reason to be here! Welcome!
  6. Hi, Father Bless You! : )

    When I was and still am seeking a loving relationship with the Lord, so many things startd to happen , many very goods things from our Father... But also our enemy of our souls, came quickly in the manner of DISTRACTIONS! My cats would meow, my dogs would bark, the phone kept constantly ringing, someone would come over that never had before on and on and on ... If this starts happening to you or worse......................

  7. Hello there! My fiancée just recently returned from a trip to Africa! She originally went to Nairobi but ended up down in Cape Town for a while :) She loved it! Anyway, it's great to have you here, MelD


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