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Are we rely in the last days

  1. The signs are all there

  2. how do we know??

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  1. Hi to everyone around the world. I hope to discuss any bible topic with anyone who wishes to
  2. Hi Paul, where are you from? How old are you?
  3. Hiya Paul. I'm glad you could join us, welcome.

    As to the end times, just my opinion, storms, earthquakes, and the likes seem to be getting stronger. Some say that the gospel has been spread to every country. I thought all that was an indicator. And they are ready to erect a new temple.

    If one looks at the way a week was set up, 6 days for work, and 1 for rest, and how God see's a day as a thousand years, I think some have calculated about 6,000 years since the creation written about in genesis.

    If we see, again IMO, armies massing around Isra'el, I'd think we were very close.
  4. Hello and welcome

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