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  1. Wait a moment; I'm the one new on this forum and am just following a routine I've become accustomed to on other "New Member Introductions."

    I am a Christian, thankful to glorify God where I can, and love my brethren in Christ whether I agree with their doctrine or not. I do not belong to a local church as the assembly I attend has no membership other than in the Lord Jesus Christ. To make it easy to throw rocks, I believe in OSAS, pre-trib and mid-trib raptures. WHAT???

    Being here I hope to contribute when and where I can, become friends with many, and mutually learn from and edify one another in the things pertaining our wonderful Savior.

    God bless you all in the precious name of Jesus.
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  2. Welcome welcome! Enjoy your stay. It's a good place to be[emoji2].
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  3. Welcome to the CFS family, Larry2!


    Aren't we a fine looking bunch?

    I have interacted with you elsewhere! (Under a different name!)
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  4. Thank you for your welcome. :)
  5. I think so too dear Brother Euphemia. Blessings in Christ Jesus. (y)
  6. LOL! I be a sistah!
  7. That is funny. You're not the brethren I thought you were. :LOL:
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  8. No, but I am sure you'd know me as the cistern ---oops, sister known as Lively Stone!

  9. Larry2 Welcome my Friend and God Bless.
    You think you have it rough with intorduction threads now I have to get used to calling you Larry.. ; ) puzzled.gif

    Brother I am really glad to see you here and be ready to enjoy some wonderful loving fellowship. This is like no other forum around so kick off your shoes and make your self at home. Find some fellowship and start sharing from thast awesome heart of yours.

    Just like you the staff here is awesome and will do what ever it takes to make things good and help you through anything that they can. Pastor Gary and the rest of the staff here are loving and kind and do keep this a safe and loving fun place for EVERY ONE and not just a few.
    So nice to see you here Larry ? Shew thats gonna take some getting used to.
    God Bless You
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  10. Thank you Brother Jim for your kind words in Jesus' name. :)
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  11. Dear Sister Euphemia, when I saw that your profile showed you as from Canada, and when I noticed the incredible graphics in your replies I thought it had to be you, and I'm so glad to see you again. I'm no longer at the site we once posted at where I was larry2 there also; things change, but all things work together for good to those of us which love the LORD. Thank you for letting me know who you are. :)
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  12. You are most welcome here, Larry! I'm so glad to make your re-acquaintance! I know you will be an asset to this site!
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  13. I only have tears of joy to welcome you with. For the words are escaping me at the moment. It is so great to see you! I have missed your always pleasant and encouraging words and personality.
    Love you much! And welcome! Blessings of peace and joy be yours in abundance!
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  14. Thank you dear Sister Cturtle. You have indeed been a blessing to me in Jesus' name. We can have wonderful fellowship with all our brethren, but there's always those you know that have your back as a friend too. Thank you. :)
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  15. Hello Larry and Welcome to CFS .
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  16. Thank you dear Brother Pathwalker. I appreciate your welcome. Prayerfully we get to know one another in sweet fellowship. :)
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  18. Welcome!! :D

    FYI I believe in multiple raptures :sneaky: but that's for another thread if permitted :whistle:
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  19. Thank you dear Sister Robine for your welcome, I have read everything I could find, and to the best of my knowledge we're not to discuss everlasting or eternal life (OSAS), and some other things like being filled with the Holy Spirit. (Evidenced by speaking in tongues). :LOL:
  20. Thank you Brother Abdicate for you welcome. I do hope to get together with you on end times prophesies. Thanks. :)
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