Hi its T Man Here

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  1. Hi its T Man Here

    Hi all

    Glad I foind another hang out for Jesus fans, hope your all in good health and loven the Lord. Just a little about me so you understand were I am coming from.

    I am not educated, i suffed from dyslexia all my life and I was made fun of at school and home, to say the least I did not like life at all and looked for death in any way i could, but Jesus saved me just like He has with so many others, this is why i love him so.

    Anyhow I will post but my spelling is not to good so I hope you understand. i asked Jesus to help me to read and write, because i never read the bible. Jesus did more than that, he spoke to me and taught me how to read and write, even with my limited writing now is better than it was :). Anyhow I love Jesus and shout this out all I can, These days i spend time talking to Jesus and reading parts he shows me, then we talk about what he has shown me. Its really great.

    I never thought i would ever read or write, but reading the bible is soemthing i always wanted to do as many people could, i missed out. But now Jesus teaches me all things about His Kingdom. Its great ay. But I am learning some don't understand some stuff, because they don't follow what jesus commanded. I was talking to jesus and he said to me, people have the right to believe what they want and we can't force our understandings on them, Jesus said even so what they choose has consequences, my wife helped me spell that one LoL

    Anyhow I hope to chat to you all and share in the LOve of Jesus. Jesus is great and a very good teacher. Oh just to share one little thing, my brother Peter is a priest in the catholic church, he studied all the books and god stuff, on his 7 year of study he pulled out, because he was unsure if he should contine. 3 years later Jesus told me to go see peter and tell him to quite his job and go back to working for God. So i sold all my stuff and drove to him on the other side of Australia. I spoke to Peter and told him God said get back to working for God. Peter had so much knowledge, he knew me as a undeucated brother. As brother know each other. Well God Jesus told me to repeat his words as i heard it, I spoke in hewbew I hope thats how it spellt, Petes face went white as, because he know that lanwich and others, In hewbew i said get back to me, work for me. i ddi not know what it was i said at the time it was just noises to me. Anyhow Pete went back to God and works for him today. Great ay, now he bleives me when i say I hear God jesus and The Holy Spirit, but sadly many don't, but thats ok I know what I hear. Anyhow may God Jesus and the Holy Spirit be with you all.....

    T Man
  2. Welcome to CFS, T Man.
  3. Thanks man

    Don't ya love Jesus, i can't get enough of Him, I jump in side all the time its fab ay ! Love this forum its easy for me to read, I have to do it slowly but its fun and i love it. i just want to love all and help if i can...
  4. Welcome to the forum. :)
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    And welcome to CFS T-Man
  6. T Man, I'm glad for you. Isn't praying wonderful...better said, isn't Jesus wonderful?
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    Hey, T-Man! Welcome to the forum! This is a great place to be! Dont worry about your spelling, you are doing great! One thing about this forum, it is full of love and compassion and paitience! You will do just fine, here!
    What a beautiful testimony you have! Your relationship with King Jesus is wonderful! And to minister to your brother in that way was just amazing! Our God is an Awesome God! Isnt He?

    If you get the chance, please stop by the Inner Room and say hello to Bondman. He is a fellow Aussie, but is restricted to one or two threads due to health reasons. He would love to hear from you!
  8. Welcome to the word of God

    God bless
  9. I have not been here for some time, was attacked at another forum and called a false teacher, a false prophet and many other things. i went back into myself, backed off from all forums.

    Why is it people find it hard to hear Jesus speaking? I ask because i hear Him as easy as hearing my wife talking to me.

    I just don't get it, when i said this to jesus, He said "neigher do I" Jesus gave me a scripture, i mean I know i am dumb and not the best reader or wtiter in the world. But jesus says to me read this, so i get the bible and the page opens to
    (2 Thessalonians 2:1 ESV)
    Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we ask you, brothers,
    (2 Thessalonians 2:2 ESV) not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed, either by a spirit or a spoken word, or a letter seeming to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come.
    (2 Thessalonians 2:3 ESV) Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,
    (2 Thessalonians 2:4 ESV) who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.

    Then Jesus tells me "the people wait for this to happen, watch as they may they will not see it come". I said whys that Lord, Jesus says "It has been already" I said yeah but whats it mean? He said "Peaople have renamed belief as faith, there knowledge of God is now there faith, yet the real faith is a hope and trust in the unseen things, not the seen things." So when i say this I am told I am a false teacher. How can i be a teacher when i can't read that well or write that well? The only real thing I have is talking to Jesus. I was under the impression all Christians heard jesus speaking, it seems i am wrong.

    I don't get it, I realy don't

    How can one be a Christian, yet not hear the Lord? How can one claim to be a follower of Jesus and not understand who the Holy Spirit is, and what He is here for, to talk to us and teach us what jesus said. I don't understand, and when i talk to jesus he say he dose not understand.

    Jesus said to me, people ask for healings, they call out Come Holy Spirit Come, yet when He comes they close the door on Him. Jesus said to me, the words of men hold more credit to People than the Words of God, they seek the letter of the law, yet fail the Spirit of the law. Then Jesus tells me to tell them this stuff, and when i do, i am shoot down. They call me a false teacher??

    Does anyone understand this stuff, i told Jesus i was not the man for this job. I told Him i was to dumb, but Jesus said that is why i call you, because your heart is not full of man made doctrine, just love for me.

    But i fail to see how this is going to work, On one hand i want to do as Jesus says, yet onthe other hand i have all these people that know the bible and stuff like that, how do I speak that to them?

    Some one find me a hole to hid in.

    Any help welcome.....
  10. Amen T-man, keep following the Lord! Why they don't hear His voice is because they're not of His fold. As Paul warned, a day would come when men no longer held on to sound teaching but would rather have their ears tickled. There are people that just want to follow Jesus, and the enemy trys to use man's word to twist His Word. He will not leave them unpunished. But blessed are those whos ears have been opened. Stay in the Word, use it to test all things, pray without ceasing, give thanks for everything in Jesus' name. Beware of the wolves, if they don't hold to God's Word or try to move ahead of Christ, take note of that person. God bless.
  11. Hey there T-man . You have landed in the right place . You will find this a very welcome place . We welcome you . Your love for Jesus is more important than what man says and it seems to me you are very devoted and following in His ways .You will always find opposition but you already know in your heart that Jesus is Lord .

    So we welcome you here . God Bless.
  12. Thanks for the welcome all

    i had a great night in jesus, He saw my fear and knew what I was going through.

    We had a long talk and jesus told me things and made me feel better and stronger in Him.

    Wow did you know, that many Christians will not be welcomed into heaven. It shocked me...

    Jesus said to me, these one try to find a back door, they do all in human power and resist the power of the Holy Spirit. They teach doctrines of men and man made ways, that trap my people in lies.

    jesus said he would put his words in my mouth and he is teaching me why people have wondered away from sound doctrine.

    i do look forward to these lessons, will keep you all updated on what Jesus tells me.
  13. Welcome to CFS T man...you sound a little like Moses when God told him to go speak to Pharoah to tell him to "let my people go"...He gave Moses everything that He needed; performed miracles and Moses did not feel sufficient in education or status. God doesn't need our education; Listen to what He told you...

    Don't hide; come and rest a while and regroup; let's rejoice that the Lord has done marvelous things and that He is returning for His church and may we all be found worthy of His grace to gain eternity with Him through Christ Jesus.:groupray:

    As far as your first question: If they call you a false teacher for sharing God's word; all I can say is :

    Matthew 5:11-12
    11Blessed (happy, [w]to be envied, and [x]spiritually prosperous--[y]with life-joy and satisfaction in God's favor and salvation, regardless of your outward conditions) are you when people revile you and persecute you and say all kinds of evil things against you falsely on My account.
    12Be glad and supremely joyful, for your reward in heaven is great (strong and intense), for in this same way people persecuted the prophets who were before you. [II Chron. 36:16.]

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