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  1. I'll be praying for you, ChangingMyself.
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  2. thank you so much. I really need that right now. ;)
  3. [​IMG]

    I am sure that you will have a great time here with us !!
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  4. welcome to the forum.
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  5. Welcome and praying!
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  6. Last night I cried like a baby. You know those cries out to God that just come from deep down inside. Those. This morning I felt HORRIBLE. Right now I feel okay.
  7. Was it a cry of relief or a sort of cry in emotional pain?
  8. I was in pain. I felt like God doesn't care how bad I feel, I kept asking him why God why.. I fell asleep I had some bad dreams, weird dreams I can barely remember. This morning I listened to Joel Osteen and felt a bit better. The message was about how God takes things away for better things to come into your life. It hurts because a lot has been taken away from me in the past few years.
  9. Those are the times you know you need him most of all. Keep seeking him. Do it non-stop. Pray when you wake up, when you get dressed, when you go out, when you're at work or school, when you're coming home, when you're running errands, when you work out, when cook dinner, when you go to bed, etc. etc. etc.

    John 16:22; "Therefore you too have grief now; but I will see you again, and your heart will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you" ~Our Lord.

    You have people praying for you.
  10. I will keep praying. I pray throughout the day and I listen to Christian music. I feel alone I just hope he is listening. Doubt comes in but I don't want to doubt. I want to believe he is there foreal. Its hard.
  11. What tends to give you doubt?
  12. I have doubt because sometimes I read people saying God doesn't answer prayers, I read that God doesn't exist a few times and I'm a fool for believing there is some man who hears your prayers and grants them like a genie in a bottle :(. Then I doubt because a thought comes into my mind about how much I have suffered so what makes me think this time I'm not going to continue to suffer. I feel so conflicted on the inside.
  13. I get your concern. Of course these quick answers I'm giving are just the tip of the ice burg, but maybe it'll serve as food for thought you can pray and research these things.

    -Q: Does God answer prayers?
    -A: Yes. Granted, just because we ask doesn't mean he will answer YES, nor will it mean he will always answer that moment, but one thing he will not deny you is when you ask of the things he wills. (Check Matthew 7:7, Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24).

    -Q: Does God exist?
    -A: Yes. This is something that lead me back to God intellectually. Atheists claim to be the group of logic and reason, but one major thing that strikes down their logic is that it's impossible for something to come from nothing. For instance, they believe the world began via the Big Bang--however, they are ONLY believing in a reaction. They do not have a logical reason behind First Cause. If the Big Bang did happen, who struck the match? How did the Big Bang start? There has to be a mover to have something created.

    This is only one simple reasoning behind God, but there is much more beyond that, like that everything that begins to exist has a cause, and if God exists, God has a cause, etc. etc.

    -Q: Does God grant wishes like a genie?
    -A: No. When we pray, we're not making wishes (though some probably do wrongly). When we pray to God, we are to remember to do it in worship and thankfully. Some people might say "If God is so great, then why does he need people to worship him?" He doesn't. He's God. He has everything. However, he is all-loving and when He requests us to worship Him, it's for his benefit, but for ours--because we legitimately need Him.

    Friend, when you suffer, God knows it. Not only does He know it, He knows how it feels. He knows it better than any of us. He's been there. That is why He wants us to come to Him at all times.

    Conclusion: God absolutely exists--it is logical and reasonable to come to that conclusion. Yes, God loves you because God literally created all things good. That's why God IS love (1 John 4:8). And because he exists, he has a cause, and you need him, as everyone does.

    That's the good news. You are not living in a world where no one can hear you, nor are you living in a world where a god CAN hear you but doesn't care. You live in a world where a loving, caring God DOES hear you and is there for you when you call on Him. I believe this to be a fact.

    Never stop praying and seeking Him.
  14. BTW, just a little tidbit about Atheists and the Big Bang theory:

    The Big Bang theory was only a theory conceived by a Jesuit priest named Georges Lemaitre, who was devout in his faith in God. It was not intended to be a theory to disprove God's existence, but rather a scientific assertion of God's creation. Atheists liked it but didn't like the idea of God so they co-opted the theory as their own.

    In other words, they couldn't even come up with their own logical theory.
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  15. :X3: these responses make me excited! thank you. I have read a few atheists and christians go back and forth and I had to stop reading it because it was making me upset. I know I should be able to read it and not be shaken so I need to build my faith.
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  16. This makes me really happy!

    Friend, the more you learn the truth, the more your spirit will be fulfilled--and you'll know it! Pray, pray, pray! And not only pray, but research! There is not only a fulfillment of joy and emotion, but a fulfillment in logic and intellect regarding God. As people, our emotions fluctuate and sometimes we don't feel like going to God. However, when we realize that it is not only right, but it's also logical to do so, it makes it that much more easy to stay close to Him.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! No question is stupid--they've all been asked, and many times, we may continue to ask. :)

    God bless you, friend.
  17. BTW, I meant to say "...when He requests us to worship Him, it's NOT* for his benefit, but for ours--because we legitimately need Him."
  18. how do i know when Gods answer is no? No to my prayer
  19. Great question.
    I think one way people know is when they grow close to him. It's very difficult for people who are distant from God to hear him (Isaiah 59:2). I would say finding out when God says no is probably secondary to coming to God since that's primary for Him. But whenever you pray, do it while thanking Him for all he has given you and do it further more asking for his will. ALWAYS ask, "If it is your will, etc. etc. etc."

    Keep in mind that there are four ways God may respond: God sometimes answers us directly, sometimes He answers differently, sometimes He answers by delay, and sometimes He denies our prayer.

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