Hi - I'm Amanda

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  1. Hi - I'm Amanda

    Hello! My name is Amanda :) and I am 20 [*edit out date*] and my story is like so many people. I was born into a Christian home (my father is a pastor) and raised to be a Christian. Off and on in my life I had Mt. Tops and I had deep valleys and sometimes I just easy roads ahead. When I was in my early teens (12 or 13) I made the choice to be rebatized (I was baptized as an infant). But not long after that I drifted away. I had small spurts here and there but nothing big until this past May (2007) when I felt my Father really tugging on my heart and pulling me back into his fold. I followed. Not long after I married (June 2007) and life was good. My husband and I were happy. I was happy and secure in my faith - though being tested left and right. In August my husband who is Army was given a warning that there was a chance for a deployment to Afghanistan but no one took it seriously. In September he came home with the news he was going to Iraq :eek: and it wasn't a joke. October he was gone training and I really started to feel tested. I begged God to please just give me the strength to get through things and to keep the nightmares away and He got me through. Brett came home and we had just over a month together. He deployed the end of November to Iraq for 6-18 months and this last month has been a test for me. I've felt very distant from God and very hurt. It has felt like that He really isn't here for me - but part of me never gave up (thanks to some help from people from another forum who brought me here) and I know He never gave up on me. I won't say things are perfect but things are better. I can pray again - and I hope to feel peace when I open my Bible.

    Anyway that is my story in a nut shell but here are some odds and ends

    I'm a full time college student majoring in History and minoring in Sociology. I love NFL (American) football (GOOO TITANS!) My parents are divorced but both found new spouses - as a result though I have 5 siblings I am close too, 1 that I know, and 2 that I have met once. My husband, Brett, is 23 and like I said in the Army. We have two kitties (our furbabies) KP and Tink. Um and thats about it :)

  2. Welcome to the family and many blessings and peace on your home!!! Your brother Larry:D
  3. Blessings and welcome Amanda.
    Praying peace and protection for you both.
  4. So glad you're here, Amanda/hisdreamer!! And good news about praying again. I told you you could do it! *smiles happily*

    Great intro. up above. Silly me, I didn't think of writing as much as that. Oh well, bit late now.

    Okay, I said I'm going to have supper, and believe it or not, I AM GOING!

    See you tomorrow. 'Night! (it's 2.18am on 1-1-2008 Down Under in Aussie-land.)

    - BM and his Lady
  5. Thank you =)

    Thank you :)

    LOL I just like to write BM and I sat here and let the words flow and that is what came out. No go have supper and I will see you tomorrow hehe
  6. Welcome

    Hi, Amanda - Very nice to have you here. We all appreciate the sacrifice that you and your husband are going through. We keep all persons in this same situation in our daily prayers for safety and security.

    (I am taking the liberty of editing your posted birthdate - for protection from identity theft.)

    Welcome and may God bless.
  7. AMANDA~

  8. Thank you :) the prayers are always welcome and appreciated

    Thank you :)
  9. Hi Amanda....

    Talked to you already on the Fluffy thread but here's a warm Canadian Welcome to you.

    God bless you and your husband and the sacrifices you both are making for peace. You are in my prayers.

  10. Thank you for the welcome and again thank you for the prayers :)
  11. Hi Amanda! Welcome to the forum![​IMG]
  12. heh thank you :)

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