Hi...I would like some help to explain paganism to my girlfriend....

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by Spydergtr83, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Hi...I would like some help to explain paganism to my girlfriend....

    Hi, I am new at the Christian Forum.I have like 5 sundays of going with my girlfriend to the local church. She wasn't Christian before we started to attend church, I've always been Christian. She recently accepted Jesus as her Saviour and she has lots questions about Christianity . I was born in a Christian home so I have a lot of Christian values and a solid Christian background, but she has so many questions that sometimes I don't have an immediate answer for her Questions. Sometimes I go to the Bible and look for a correct answer for her questions. Sometimes I do ask my dad for help. But most of the time I do bend my knees and pray for God's guidance. I am so blessed with my girlfriend, God put her in my life in the correct time, because I wasn't attending church but now I want to be an example for her. So now I am going to church with her. But recently I found out that she still have influences from her past. She used to be catholic and also she has influences of Paganism. She used to believe in budah. I just recently found out while talking to her at Pike's market place here in Seattle , WA. She took me to her favorite store and it was a Pagan store. She told me that she got the budah prayers and she likes to practice the burn of incense. I got a chill down in my bones when I entered that store. After we were out of that store I told her that she should get rid of those articles and practices because they don't glorify our GOD. She didn't understand and ask me why is that bad? I tried to explain it to her but for some reason i haven't been challenged before with that kind of questions. I told her that I was going to ask my Dad and come back with an answer. Well my dad got a different shift at work and I can't ask him all these questions that i have. So I was wondering if I can have some help in this forum. I will really appreciate if someone can help me out to explain to her this dilemma. She wants to change her ways and I would like to help her. But as I said before I haven't have this kind of questions before....
    I need help!
  2. God told us to have no other Gods before him.
    This can mean anything we worship, idolize or pray to.
    Christ is the only way to salvation, as you already know.
    Also, the Bible says there is power in no other name but Jesus.
    We pray to God, our father, in the name of Jesus.
    Mary cannot answer prayers, Buddha, the pope, etc.....
    only God.
    Incense doesn't help our prayers get answered, neither does any spell or magic words or statue, only our faith in asking God.
    Hope this helps you some.
  3. In my mind, I look at it very simply. Though, i find the biggest truths are also the simplest. Even if there are other gods in this universe, they are simply going to be other creations of the same Master. Why worship something that in LESS important, and less special to the God that created the universe than you youself are? I'm not going to worship my equal. I won't worship another human, or a dog. So, if God looks at humans as greater than all His other creations, why should we worship something that is not EVEN equal to us, but in God's eyes inferior?

    Worse yet, when we worship these false gods, we are giving power to them. Power of ourselves. And very possibly, giving power to demons over us. It's very, very dangerous. And your soul is not something to be toyed with.
  4. I would show her where the Bible says that you can't serve 2 masters. You cannot worship or pray to or serve God and something else........The Bible says you will either love one and hate the other or love the other and hate the one......She has to make a choice.
  5. Hello Spydergtr,
    In reading over your post let me set some things in order if I may.
    First, salvation does not happen by accepting Jesus as Savior. it happens when we come too repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Repentance is turning too the true God of the bible with all our hearts. Faith is putting that heart on His Son, Jesus accepting Him as Lord. In other words we have changed our minds towards God and now trust Him as to how we are to live in this life.
    Go here with your friend and listen to these messages;
    You can download them and listen in another format if you like.

    Next God did not put you with this girl in the beginning. If she was lost God does not mix his children with the lost. He actually commands that we not be attached to them. Yes be around them so as to tell them about Him, but not to be dating or boy friend/ girl friend. He only accepts two believers to be involved in this type of relationship.

    Finally about your friend. Show her that doing anything with any other named person other then Jesus is sin. Point out scripture on how to pray. Use what is called the Lord's prayer for one. If you use that link I gave it will be of a great deal of help to you.

    I pray that you both find the fullness and blessings that come in knowing that Christ is Lord. God bless


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