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  1. Hello, I am happy to be here. I was very glad to see Romans ch 14 emphasized and a prereq reading of becoming a member here. Please allow me to ask one question: On this site it is my understanding that on this site one is to claim to have faith in the fact and "inerrant-cy" of God's Word as I do; and that anyone who has believed in Jesus Christ (Jn 3:16) is a Christian for the purposes of this site; and that on this site, even if another is clearly promoting an unScriptural position as Scriptural going not by personal opinion but rather a general consensus of Christianity we are to ignore (not debate) their position? I do think that a member of the LDS and other cults could in clear conscience claim the articles of faith here. (We are told in God's Word that even demons "believe" in Jesus Christ, aren't we?) I just want to clarify whom of which I am pledging to go into union. Thank you very much. I hope that you don't think me too critical but other sites I have been on have people who claim to be Christian and have been accepted as members but are just seething with hate and contempt for Christians and are promoting some very obscene and perverted behavior. I don't want to be part of that environment again.
  2. Please someone answer me. Someone put a binoculars on the thread but gave no response. Did I ask something you are not supposed to ask or touch here? Is someone playing politics or what? Why didn't t you, mod or admin, answer me? You would be the most appropriate one but you only placed a censoring symbol on the question. Why did you refrain from answering the question?
  3. Have you read through the forums? This would give you an idea as to what we are about
  4. Hi Jimbob welcome to CFS my brother from another mother :cool: I take it you have read this?

    I'm chili. I know what you mean when it comes to other sites. So far I like this 1 the best. As for debates it is unavoidable at times but we at CFS staff monitor it closely.
    We also welcome anybody here that is a believer or nonbeliever. Sometimes we can help sometimes we can't. So in a nut shell enjoy CFS and get to know some or all of us:LOL: Laugh, cry, pray, worship, and have fun doing it Jimbob. God Bless you abundantly.
  5. I think the binocular icon means you are watching the thread! And not someone else :) It would mean, any updates to the thread would push notifications to your profile. So that you know people are commenting or replying in the thread. That's all it is. No politics or nothing :D

    And welcome!
  6. Thanks for your response, Lance A. I would rather have it from the horses mouth. One can ask or look at the "masses" to find out how things are run and get one idea (many ideas?) and then get raked over the coals because they listened to or exemplified someone not in charge. I come from a background where such consequnces were VERY severe disiplinary-wise and could end up even deadly if unchecked. In assuming anything we were swiftly and strictly shown very regretably that we were the first 3 letters of the word as such again, could cost many lives to be lost. I am certainly capable of thinking and acting on my own BUT within the parameters or guidelines of my environment. After all, isn't that what behaving and thinking as a Christian entails: knowing God's Word and exemplifying Christ? I can't count how many times I have seen or experienced the folly of those who think they are too good to read the instructions for doing something and end up getting an idea how to do it from some other souce than the producer/creator of the product and totally mess it up. I just didn't want to mess it up: being proactive, I believe some call it. Some people come from much more graceful backgrounds than I do and have never experienced the degree of punishments that I have and so are not as careful or give much forethought about their behavior and I can appreciate that. I won't make fun of them and I would hope that they would not of me, either.
  7. Thank you, thank you, Ravindran. My apologies to the staff!!!
  8. Than you chili for the welcome. Ravindran has explained that I misunderstood the symbol of binoculars. He informed me that it merely indicated that it was a thread which I was watching. Yes, I did read all three. Thanks for the welcome.:)
  9. Welcome, Jimbo!
  10. Thank you Lysander. Your signature makes me think of: "Submit yourselves, then to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7 (NIV) What power we children of God have at our disposal if we behave as His children and claim it.
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  11. Good reference!

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