Hi, I am David from France...

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by David-Fr, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Hi, I am David from France...

    Hello sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ, I am David from Normandy, France.
    I am 36 years old in the world and 1 year old in Jesus. I am married and have two pretty daughters (8 and 3 years old). I play guitar in my church's worship band. My wife and I accepted Jesus together and get baptised together also.
    I firstly visit CFS to ask for help to correct an english letter. But I think I will spend more time here to know more about you, my foreign beloved.
    God bless you.

    (please forgive my bad english)
  2. Hello David... welcome to CFS and we are glad that you are here.

    If you wish, please join in our discussions in the Guitar Club located by clicking on "Community" in the top navigation bar and then on "Social Groups" You will then see the Guitar Club area:


    Thank you.

  3. I've read the survival tips and found it very funny, and very complete. I agree with everything and really feel home, and safe. God bless this forum and all of you.:heart:

  4. Hello
    We are glad to have you here.
    Your English is fine
  5. Hello and :welcome: to the forums. Such a great place to hang out and trust me you'll enjoy it.

    God Bless
  6. [​IMG]
    Wonderful to have you here with us
  7. Hi David and welcome to CFS.
  8. Hi David, so happy you found our forum and very glad you've decided to stay and fellowship with us. I look forward to that.

    Blessings, Cheri

  9. [​IMG] David welcome to the forum I am glad you have come to join us ......love Jane
  10. Thank you for your welcome. I will be happy to join you as often as I can.
    Only Jesus makes us feel we are one, in Him, in His love. Us, every nation and of all tribes and peoples and tongues. That is what each man and woman should desire. God bess all of you.
  11. hello david from france :) :)
    your english isn't even bad!
    i know people who are from different countries and i can't understand them a lot of the times, and i understood you perfectly :)

    welcome to the forums!
  12. :smiley90: Hello David from France I am so glad you joined us here on CFS :smiley90:
  13. Bienvenue David - nous sommes content de t'avoir ici! Tu n'est pas le seul francais non plus!
  14. I'm really curious of what you just said, lol.
  15. David!! you are more than welcome here my brother:smiley10: What a blessing that you and your wife got baptized together. TY Jesus :smiley10:Stick around bro and fill your heart with a lot of fellowship and good times with us and Jesus:smiley120:[​IMG]

    Chili out
  16. That's awesome!
  17. Thanks for the warmth of your welcome :smiley190:

    Foucachon said I am not the only french on the forum. And I am glad of it.

    Be blessed.
  18. Hi David and welcome!

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