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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Michael D, May 11, 2011.

  1. I can give you an amen and an halleluah, but I draw the line at worms. Your bird will have to get her own. :)

    And sleep won't help. I think you've just entered the twilight zone. But don't worry. You're not a lone I stepped a couple days ago. lol

  2. Hi Ginger! Thank you for the response.

    Yes, that darn old Twilight Zone. I'm very familiar with that. Seems I can't keep one foot out of that place and the other in my mouth. I'm a very harmless sort of guy tho.:D

  3. Hi Gunger !!!! LOL that tickled me .... what a great typo.
  4. OMG, I'm so sorry! I do that when I'm typing too fast! Hey, I apologize most profuesly! I would never knowingly do something like that! And good morning Natty!

  5. lol .....and to think, I write for a living!!!!! I went in and corrected my typo, just so everyone will wonder what you're talking about and never be able to figure it out. :D

    So, I caught mine.....but now I am wondering what typo did Mike make!!!! Sounds much more interesting than mine. :cool:

    I guess I'll have to look thru the posts and hope to find it before he corrects it. hehehe
  6. Hi Ginger. I typed a "u" instead of an "i" for your name. Very sorry. I assure you it wan unintentional. You write for a living. Must be nice. I always wanted to be a writer. I think I have the latent gift for it. If I have any natural gift from God at all, it's that. But any talent I have is on loan from Him and I credit Him for it, not myuself.

  7. Oh, I don't pay any attention to typos. I have bigger things to worry about. lol

    My job can be fun sometimes. I have taken my kids with to events at the State Park and to different shows/acts that I had to cover.

    Not many jobs where you can do that.

  8. Hey there! Glad you're here. I'm a 2 year-old Christian myself and still have lots to learn. I haven't even read the whole Bible yet, takes a lot of time and to really learn and practice. :) Welcome!
  9. Hi Mike! Welcome to CFS! Sorry for the delayed response, have been a little busy lately. Hope you enjoy learning with the great family here. Blessings, Ryan T
  10. No, I guess there aren't many jobs where one can do as you describe. Must be nice! Glad you're job can be fun.

  11. Those times are nice! But it's not all fun. There is a lot of work involved, too. The main thing is it allows me more time with my family than other jobs would.
  12. Sounds very good, Ginger. Family time is important. My job isn't all fun either. In fact, it's no fun at all.

  13. Hello Mike!
    May the Lord bless you and if I can be of any help, please ask.
  14. Hi Major,

    Thank you very much for the kind offer. I'm very anxious to get to know the members better. I've been busy with my job and some home projects but I hope to be able to get some time later this week and into the weekend. Thank you so much for making me feel welcome. I like it here very much.

    May you be blessed also and I hope you have a super fine day!:)

  15. Hi Mike :)
    Welcome !!!!!!!!!
  16. Hi Aby! Thank you so much for the welcome! I hope you've had a very enjoyable day.:)

  17. Can someone explain what Amens/Likes means? I see that as some sort of feature. Perhaps it's explained somewhere and I missed this point. I apologize if this is something I should have discovered already and if my question about it is posted in the wrong location. :rolleyes:

  18. Amen/like signifies you like what the person said and accumulates something like credits toward getting more privileges on the site for the person receiving the "amen"

    For instance, access to certain threads
  19. Oh, you mean like ecclesiastical green stamps? Sorry, I am a bit of a smart aleck. I may be mistaken but I think I've already accquired (2) points, but for what I don't know. Thank you, Ginger, I really meant no disrespect with that rather flip remark of mine. You can see I do need a lot of help!:D

  20. LOL No need to apologize, Mike. I appreciate a sense of humor. In fact, I kind of needed a laugh today....

    There are areas in this forum that you do not have access to, yet. When you have accumulated enough points, by getting approval from people like me :D, the moderators will reward your wit, wisdom and courtesy tgoward others by granting you access to our secret threads.

    Uh oh, now you'll have to pardon my smart aleck comments. ;)

    I don't know what else those points can be used for, if anything. Maybe someone else has more information.

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