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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Michael D, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hi gang,

    I'm Mike, a 55 year old male from Michigan. Newbie Christian with a lot to learn. Very glad to be here. I hope I can contrtibute in a useful way. Like I say, tho, have a lot to learn. Thank you for having me over. Look forward to fellowship with you fine people. God Bless!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your reply. Things are going well. I hope the same for you. Weather here is very warm. We had a very rainy, cold spring so I like this dry weather.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Very new. I'm scripturally very ignorant. I feel like I'm a beginner's idea of a beginner. I started in the fall of 2009. I had attended some prayer meetings given by an out ministry at a church that wasn't directly connected to the prayer group.

  4. Ah, many. I'll prepare a few of what may be some of the more important ones. I have to get ready for work in a little bit. When I get home tonight I'll post one or two. Until then, hope you have a very good day. Will look forward to hearing from you again. Thank you very much for your responses, I truly appreciate this.

  5. Have a nice day, Chris.

  6. Well this is a good place to learn Michael. Srry for the late response. i'm a seasoned christian but I am still in learning mode. If I ever stop learning I'll be dead. So let's learn together......all of us :)

    Chili out.
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  7. Hi Mike! Welcome!!!
  8. Hi JG27 and xspinningisfun! Thank you for the welcomes! I'm very glad to be here. I just got home from work. Don't worry about the late response, JG27, I'm mighty glad to meet you folks! I'm always willing to learn. And I need to do a lot of that, believe me.

  9. Hi Chris, how are you? Got some brief heavy rain here. Lightning almost hit my car enroute back from work. Got soaked going out to the parking lot, but I'm A-Ok. It's lacked off now. Hope you are doing well.

  10. What? What's wrong, friend?

  11. Mmmmm, I don't understand, friend. Can you explain what you hate about Christianity? Can you explain why you think Christianity is from the devil? You say you've been following Jesus for 11 years. How can Christianity be from the devil? Like, I'm totally confused. Can someone else help me out here? Have I stumbled into something like weirdsville, daddy-o? I know! I know! This is all an hallucination, right? Or Candid Camera?

    I think I need some sleep. Or I've been working too hard. Or both. Uhhh, well, you have a nice night there, friend, and it'll all get better. I think. Can I get an Amen and a Halleluah? Can I get a sack of worms for my pet Crunchbird?

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  12. Get some sleep, my friend. I'm somewhat taken aback and don't understand. I always seem to stumble onto something unexpected, lately, on new forums/message boards. Maybe I'm just not getting it. I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer. Oops, I said knife. Uh oh, no blades please. I'll go quietly with no fuss. Mebbe I need to join an Amish community. That's it, hard work and no fun. It'll keep my mind off things.

  13. Hi Mike and welcome - its great to have you on the forum
  14. Hi Natty,

    Thank you for the welcome! I hope everyone is doing alright here. Nice day if it doesn't rain. Got a little soaked going to my car in the lot at work last night. Lightning almost hit my car. I'm sure my area doesn't need any more rain for a long time now. Hope to have a nice stretch of dry weather. Anyway, I hope you're having a nice day and thanks again for the welcome.

  15. Can someone tell me how to contact a moderator? I'm having trouble with a certain member here.

  16. Hi Mike
    We've been really lucky here in England with the weather - it seems to be an early summer for us .....having said that it does look like it might rain today. Good for the garden though. I have my daughter's parents/teacher consultation this evening which i'm really looking forward to. hope you are having a good day too.
  17. If you need to contact a moderator you can post a message in the staff announcements section or contact one directly by name.
  18. Geeze, where did everyone go?
  19. owe2owe frequently removes his posts. I would suggest anyone who wishes to repond to him use the "reply" button so he is quoted in your reply.

    Or you could do as I do..... and enjoy having absolute say on everything with no one to contradict or disagree with you!!!!!!

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