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  1. Hello well I ain't the best at these things, but here goes!

    My name is Kristin, and I am 25 years old.
    I am happily married to my wonderful husband, we've been together for like 3 years, and we have a beautiful 10mo baby girl.
    I am originally from West Virginia, born and raised there for most of my life.
    I moved to VA Beach to meet my now husband whom I met online at the time, and eventually moved to North Carolina to raise a farm.

    We currently have 40-50 Chickens which are crosses between the following, Rhode Island Reds, Polish, Silkies, Ameraucana, Easter Eggers, and California Whites.
    We also own 2 Ducks a Rouen and a Peking, along with a male and female pair Buff Geese.
    Along with our flock we have 2 awesome cats, a German Shepherd, and a mini lop rabbit.
    I hope to one day get a bigger flock, and more of a variety of chickens, and such.

    Anyway as for my faith I was raised in a First Church of Christ, and then Baptist.
    When I moved out here I got caught up into WOF stuff, I won't go into detail here, but thankfully I am freed from that!
    Well umm basically I believe we will be raptured before the tribulation times, and I believe in the second coming.
    I also believe the millenial reign with Christ will be a thousand years on Earth, I believe we will actually see Him.
    I don't have all of the answers for things, but I know my heart is right, and I love Jesus dearly.
    Oh I also accept the complete Trinity, God The Father, Jesus (God in the flesh and the Son), and The Holy Spirit, 3 in 1.

    Welp that's just about it, if anyone wants to feel free to ask me more questions!
    God bless and thanks for reading! [​IMG]
    All the glory be to God Almighty and Jesus Christ forever and ever AMEN!!!
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  2. Welcome to CFS, Kristin!

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  3. Welcome again Kristen! Its great to have you here and have your imput about things. I am sorry to hear that you have been hurt by the church.....But as loving as God is, He is there to heal all of your hurts.
    Blessings of peace and joy be yours in abundance.
    I'll be praying that God gives you lots of chickens :)
  4. :) :D
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  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome to CFS! It's nice to "meet" you!
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  7. Welcome Kristin! [emoji2]
  8. Welcome Kristin! Blessings..
  9. Welcome!!! :D
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcomes. :)
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