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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by haz, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I'm from Brisbane, which is in the state of Queensland in Australia (for all the non-Aussies out there). Queensland is known as the sunshine state, although lately it's known for it's state-wide floods and the recent monster cyclone Yasi.

    Been a Christian for many years. No denomination to describe myself though other than to say that Jesus is my pastor/shepherd.

    God bless you all,

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  2. Hi Haz,

    Welcome to CFS. I lived on the Gold Coast for 18 years before moving down to a tiny country town in Gippsland, Victoria. Great to have another Aussie with us.


  3. Hey Haz!
    Welcome to the forum!
    Hope you are doing well :)

    Take care!
  4. Hi xspinningisfun,

    Being new here I am still finding my way around.
    I liked your "sinless" forum and had an answer for why God says in 1John3:6-9 that we "cannot sin". But it seems that newcomers have to earn some privileges before they are permitted to join in. Any advice for this?

  5. Hi revlyn,

    Thanks for your welcome.
    I checked out your web sites too. Seems your actively involved in Church type activities.

    Did your area get any of those floods that headed south?

    Being a newcomer I have found that I have to earn privileges before I can join in a forum. Any words on how many privileges I have to earn and how do I get them anyway?

  6. Hi Haz,

    Yes, I'm pretty busy with the ministry. Stick my head in here several times a day when I need to take a break.

    No, we missed out on the floods, PTL. We are in the foothills of the Strzlecki Ranges, so pretty high up. The floods were mostly to the west of us.

    There is a post somewhere about what privileges are needed to post in the Apologetics forum. I'll find it and get back to you. Basically, it comes down to having made a certain number of posts so that the staff can get to know you, so just keep posting in the general forums and you'll get there. [​IMG]



    PS - We have a few Aussies here. Bondman is up there in Brizzy; Jeff, HeavyJ and Xcortman are in Melbourne, and there are a few others scattered around.
  7. Hey Haz :)
    Yeah, that's just a rule on this forum :)
    If you want to get enough posts, comment in the New Members area greeting people. That will get your posts up high :)
  8. Hi Haz, I am from Melbourne (originally India). It's good to see my fellow Aussies here. :D Welcome to CFS!!
  9. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the welcome.
  10. Hi haz! hey I put an extra chili on the grill 4 ya, come sup with us :)

    Chili out
  11. Hi Chili out.

    Sorry I haven't been more involved here. Been busy as well as being lured by another Christian forum.
    I dont know how many posts I have to make to get my privileges up enough hence why I got tempted by another forum.
    Thanks for the invite though.

  12. Hi Haz,

    Welcome to the forum!! Glad to have you on board...Greetings from Melbourne :0

    God Bless
  13. Hi Jake,

    Thanks for the welcome. Good to see there's another Aussie on these Christian forums too.

    God bless.

  14. Welcome!

    I'm not an Aussie but I work for an Australian Telco company :)
  15. Hi John_Jervis,

    Thanks for the welcome. hope your enjoying your stay in Oz.

  16. I'm not staying in Oz, I work in a call center in the Philippines :)

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