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  1. Hello, my name is Ricky and I am here to learn. Just because it is easy I will copy and paste the "biography" section I had to make here.

    "I've grown up with the heart of an explorer. I want to know things and I will strive to discover anything new to myself, even if it is impossible -- it's the journey that counts. I belong to no faith. I believe in myself and I only desire to be the best human-being possible. I am a historian (studied at SSU with an emphasis in ancient history), working towards becoming a radiology tech. I'm a drummer, fencer, archer, bartender, nerd, aspiring writer, and I love good wine."

    I've had the great opportunity to be exposed to many different religions and opinions within each. I am here to learn more about peoples views and interpretations of the Christian faith. Religion plays such a huge role throughout history, thus making it a topic of great interest to me. I'm here for the thrill of learning! I have no idea how frequently I will be able to visit this forum (two jobs, school, pursuit of my life goals, etc.), but when I do I intend to be kind to you all and objective in my learning.

    Thank you for allowing me on your forum.

    - Ricky
  2. Welcome, Ricky!
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum.

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