Hi Everyone

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  1. Hi Everyone

    Hi, my name is Cheri, (pronounced Sherry).

    I turned away from God for many years. I came back to him in 1999.

    I am so grateful and thankful to Him for not giving up on me and welcoming me back into his fold.

    My life has been a hard one and continues to be. The only difference is, when you have God, you can make it through anything.

    I look forward to fellowship on this forum with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Looking forward to meeting and making new friends.

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    welcome to the site!
  3. Welcome Cheri. Are you French? So glad to have you with us here on CFS, and even more glad to have you back in the family of God.


  4. Welcome Cheri, you will love it here. You are amongst family. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Have a blessed day
  5. I am French, but not from France. I am cajun french, as I am from New Orleans. Lived there all my life until I met and married my wonderful husband 12 years ago.

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes. :jesus-cross:
  6. Hello Cheri and welcome from another Louisianian!:D I hope you enjoy the fellowship here as much as I have!
  7. Hi Cheri,

    Welcome welcome welcome. I know what it's like to turn away from God. Fortunately, I also know what it's like to come back to Him and find out that He has His hands wide open for me, patiently waiting for me to come back to Him. I look forward to getting to know you better. God bless..

    Miss J (aka MJ)

  8. Welcome.

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