Hi Everyone!! Newbie Here...

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by HisGrace, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone!! Newbie Here...

    Hi Everyone [​IMG],

    I am a born-again spirit-filled Christian lady who wants nothing but what God has in His plans for me. I know that when I step upon the wrong path, He is sure to guide me right back to where I belong. I have mentored students who are Muslim and Hindu with the hopes that one day they too would come to know the Lord. I want so badly to make a difference in the lives of nonbelievers; whether it is through witnessing or by example. Hopefully one day I will know exactly what my calling is and how to execute it in God's way.

    I hope and pray that joining this site will help me to find fulfillment in fellowship, as well as being a blessing to others.

    I look forward to talking to everyone!!

    God Bless!!
  2. Welcome!
    I am very happy you are here!
  3. Thanks Violet!! I am happy to be here as well!
  4. HisGrace, welcome to our community. :D Hope you like it here. Feel free to discuss and mingle with us. :)
  5. I love the name and I love your heart- you are most welcome my sister- in His Name brother Larry
  6. Thanks to everyone for their warm welcomes!!
  7. Welcome HisGrace! It is nice to have you with us. May the LORD continue to bless you.
  8. Welcome to CFS. This is just one of many Christian Websites I enjoy. I've left some that weren't as Christian as they claimed to be.
  9. :D Welcome HisGrace! As iron sharpens iron (proverbs27:17), that is what I believe your involvement through this forum will do to us and you.
    :welcome: and :jesus-sign: is LORD! :amen:.

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