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  1. Hello everybody. I am so glad to join such a great forum.

    If anybody is interested in christening favors / decorations / dresses & suits please check our website
    http://www.vionanthosparton.gr and our blog http://vionanthosparton.blogspot.com for TOP tips in baptism. All our favors and baptism pins are handmade in Greece. So help a fellow Christian to get by those difficult financial times!

    God bless us all!

  2. Welcome :)

    If you have not done so as of yet please read CFS forum rules and getting started threads here




    Again, Welcome to CFS

    Please be aware of this rule:

    Rule 7.1. If any member wishes to place a link in this forum to any site that requests financial donations or sells any type of products, they must first obtain permission from our Administrator via PM. Please include the off-site link in your PM request as well as a list of products or services that are offered through that site. This permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  3. Apologies!
  4. Welcome, enjoy your time here.

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