Hi Everyone! New Here...

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Timothy Hans Kurnia, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Hi all!! I'm from Indonesia, I hope we can all get along...
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  2. Welcome to CFS, Timothy!

  3. Hi Timothy! Welcome to CFS! I hear Indonesia has good waves, do you surf at all?
  4. Hi Timothy. Welcome to the forum. I am where.
  5. Hi and thanks everyone for the welcome!

    Thanks! You must've meant Bali.. I heard that it's quite famous between international tourists, and they go there for the beach/waves..
    And I don't surf.. I'm more of an indoor kind of person.. :)
  6. Yeah I was thinking of Bali. Indonesia must still be a pretty interesting place to live. Anyways I hope you enjoy CFS :)
  7. Oh no, you're Indonesian!? :p
  8. Timothy welcome, i hope you enjoy yourself here on CFS.....God bless
  9. Thanks once again christianbacktobasics!
  10. No worries, it is said that people are more familiar with Bali than Indonesia as a whole, I guess kinda like Hawaii which is known for the resorts and stuff, but people probably barely know what happens in everyday life there. :LOL:

  11. You're probably right haha. The only reason I know about Bali is because of the waves lol. You speak really good English btw, are you native to Indonesia? I might be coming off ignorant, I just didn't expect you to be so fluent since I figure Indonesian is the main language over there? Again i'm sorry if i'm coming off ignorant xD
  12. lol don't worry, I'm not going to judge you.. To answer your question, yes, I am a native.. I think the main reason why my English is quite fluent is that I lived in America when I was little and that I read and watch a lot of American books and movies. So perhaps the "American Spirit" hasn't really gone away from me. There are quite some people here who're fluent as well I think, especially among the middle to upper class. It's pretty much the more upper class you are, the more westernized you become..

    Ps: I actually take some time to refine and re-refine what I write, so it's not like I type away with perfect fluency lol. :D
  13. Welcome!

    What are you studying?

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