Hi, everyone! Complete newbie here!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by kitkat, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Hi, everyone! Complete newbie here!

    Hello there!

    I'm a new Christian (about 2 months old) and the last two months have been by far the best in my life.

    I started university (UK) and found that most of my landing were Christians (despite the fact there aren't that many) and it wasn't long before I was invited to go to a Christianity Explored course in my college.

    It didn't take long for me to accept Christ as my saviour... it seemed so natural. I went to a C of E school but religion was not a focus at all so I never really gave it a thought... and I thank God so much every day that I was placed so close to these wonderful people now at uni who have changed my life so much... but not as much as God has!!!

    Now, even through some of the hard things that have happened over the last two months, I know I have a Saviour, a Comforter and someone to support through everything!!!

    I'm here mainly to find fellowship when I am away from university as I live in a tiny village in a non-Christian family in France when I am not at uni so it is hard to find Christian fellowship and support when I need it so much as a beginner to this wonderful faith!

    So, I hope you can help me and that I in turn can encourage you in some way!

    God Bless, everyone! He truly is an awesome God!!!!

  2. Yes, He is!! Welcome to the Forum kitkat. I love your forum name:D! How did you get it? Do you like the chocolate bar:D?

  3. :welcome:
  4. Aww, thanks! Well, yes there is that - but my name is Tabitha Kate... which eventually became as a joke... Tabby Kat... which became Kittykat...then kitkat! Lots of transformations!!!


  5. Wow! You are named after a candy bar- cool! LOL!
    Welome to the forum Tabitha Kate!

  6. Thank you! Love the visual aid! (though it's made me hungry!!!)

  7. Welcome Aboard ...


    And WOW to be a NEW BABE IN CHRIST ... that is wonderful news to hear too ... so wonderful to hear a new one come to Christ !!! Well, I am sure that you will be blessed by all the members here !!! So, have a good time.
  8. Thanks - I've been hearing that it's wonderful news from so many people. At uni, those I live with were so excited they went out and bought me a NIV bible and some helpful books, the college Christian Union was praying for me immediately and everyone has just been soo... soo friendly which unfortunately is unusual nowadays in this world!

  9. Kitkat, now thats what i wanna hear. Its soo great to hear that you have accepted Jesus my friend. You are also so much Welcome to these great forums! Its a blessing to have you around...

  10. Congratulations as a New Member in the family of God and a new member at CFS. Welcome to the group and hope you will find us all friendly and willing to help and encourage as well as learn more about the Lord , God Bless.

    Please take time to read over the forum rules ... Thanks


    Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site.
  11. Welcome kitkat!
  12. WELCOME!!!:D

    It is great to have you here, and I think you will REALLY enjoy the site! Lots of really wonderful people and lots to learn about the LORD!!!

    I am pretty new 2 and this site has helped me very much, I agree that it is important to have people you can talk to openly about our LORD, and this is the place!

  13. Hi Kitkat! What an awesome name! I am pretty new myself and look forward to sharing our journey together.

    Take care sister! :groupray:

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