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  1. Greetings forum,

    I'm Tim, a 57 year-old male from the southern U.S. and a struggling Christian. I'm interested in getting some feedback concerning our identification with Christ in death and resurrection as the source of Christian living. Perhaps I can post something soon concerning this on the general discussion forum. My own Christian life is in tatters and I would like to hear from some who have been there and have had the Holy Spirit make these identification truths real in their own lives. Not just the doctrine, but what it looks like, tastes like, feels like, personally, in the heart of the believer. Thank you for letting me join your list. I hope not to trouble you much, just looking for that next step on the journey.
  2. Hello and welcome.
  3. i am 57 too. or 55 I can't remember
  4. Mike and Josh, thanks for your welcomes. Josh, I can relate. I once went a whole year not knowing how old I was. Even now I can't tell you with 100% certainty that I'm 57. 56, 57, 58, somewhere in there.
  5. Hey after midnight,

    Welcome to the forum, how long ya been a Christian, ...cuz that's how old you really are, may I suggest you start practicing counting in the trillions, quadrillions, cinqtillions (see, I can't even spell it) anyway, it's gonna be a long time!

    Seriously, the answer is our identifying with being "in Christ," because very simply put, death and resurrection for us was accomplished at our baptism.


  6. Thanks Gene, that would make me 35, 36, or 37... but I like the higher numbers you mentioned here. :)
  7. Welcome...I'm not prone to pat answers :p, but start a thread on your concerns and you may just get a blizzard of advice!
  8. Hi Rusty, that's okay, pat answers can't help me at this point anyway. Lord knows I've given out plenty of them in my time, but... things change. :) Thanks for the welcome.
  9. Yeah...That's why I attempt to avoid using or dealing with pat answers.

    It's funny how folks who deal with eternal matters often try to stuff answers to questions into tiny tin cans and expect it to satisfy a questioner.....Stumps me...[​IMG]
  10. I am 55 years old and I am here to say ...


  11. I have to look at it as different folks at different seasons in their Christian lives... Like the wise man says, for everything there is a time and season. Can be a source of loneliness at times, though.
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  12. Thank you, HisWinterRose, very kind of you to say. Hope you have a great day, as great days go for us middle agers... :)

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